26 Dec 2007

The day after Christmas

It has already passed Christmas and I still tired, but I satisfied too. Was a night full of love and joy and with many presents too Even my dogie won his present.

Natal 07 dog
Christmas is my favorite holiday and I worked hard putting love an kind to every single detail, to made the night unforgettable
I lay the table into the traditional colors: red and white. White dinnerware and silverplate that I only use one or two times a year (clean it, is boring and a arduous task), but it gave a touch of good taste and elegance.
Natal 07 juntos

I spent all last week baking cookies to present friends and relatives I also reserve some cookies to put in the table coffee to eat with our final dinner coffee and tea.
The good thing is that I still have some cookies in the tin, the bad thing was that I forgot to put in the table….but, things happens.

I made my traditional roasted turkey with a veggie cous cous , green salads, fresh grilled mushrooms and rice , ham and cheese tart, vitello tonnato ( a tradition here in Argentina) my mascarpone red fruits verrines without meringue.Roasted peaches spread with pistachios and ice cream, my sister in law’s brownie chocolate mousse, and home made panetone. The next days I promises that I post a few more of my Christmas´s recipe
I made this cold starter. You must remember , here we are in warm summer days

Devilled eggs with smoked salmon

1 dozen hard cooked eggs
200 grams smoked salmon
50 grams mascarpone cheese or other cream cheese
Chopped parsley
Salt, nutmeg and pepper

Natal 07 huevos

Slice eggs in half (long way) and remove yolks
Smash yolks and mix in salt, nutmeg, and pepper
Process the smoked salmon and mix with the eggs yolk
Mix with the mascarpone cheese and parsley chopped
Fill eggs with yolk mixture and garnish with parsley or chopped olives


Susan said...

Though I do not typically like hard-cooked eggs, I love them when they are deviled like these. Smoked salmon sounds a treat to stuff them with. I hope you are enjoying a very happy Christmas holiday, Sylvia. Your pup is charming. What is his name?

Kevin said...

The mascarpone and fruit desert looks really good.

Sylvia said...

Susan I don´t like too hard cooked eggs , but this are terrific, you must try. And the pup (actualy he is a senior guy), well is a long story. We found he, in a hot summer day ( four years ago)knock down. In that time we watched a TV show called John Doe , and when the veterinarian ask for his name I said "John Doe" for obvioulsy reasons. And well..we learn to love him and today we call him " Johnny"

Kevin , was really good.

Na conta! said...


Bellini Valli said...

Everything in your Christmas spread sounds wonderful. You have one lucky family!!I don't usually eat eggs at all but I do love devilled eggs, egg salad sandwiches and quiche. I like the addition of the smoked salmon!!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

What a cute dog, Sylvia! Your dessert looks delicious as does your Christmas Table! Best wishes for the new year to you and your family!

Gloria said...

Sylvia, las fotos estàn espectaculares, y todo se ve tan rico, me encantaron los huevos rellenos. xxGloria

DaviMack said...

It all looks fabulous, as always! Merry Christmas to you, down where it's warm - we are SO envious of your weather right now!