23 Nov 2007

Red Fruit verrines covered with gold meringue

Everyday, early in the morning, I leave to walk with a friend of mine, here near house, we laugh many and we observe the new houses that are building here. I am impressed. Before where a small house existed, but between to an enormous land, it would seem that the following day an enormous and pretty house surrounded by beautiful gardens or parks full of trees. That’s amazing. Yesterday, before leave, I took a look in the new plants that I bought.

Flores de mi jardin, Flowers in my garden

I have a jasmine tree ,that is full of blossom and I saw to my first jasmine of the year grow. White and beautiful. Magestic, in the middle of the tree. Every year this beautiful tree, gave me a full of perfumed flowers until Christmas.

And I thought, maybe was not an honor for great Maurice Béjart that left us. A great loss for all those that, like me, adores dance and ballet.

After my walk, I went to the grocery, and the sweet and fresh aroma of the peaches tempted me. Beside them I saw apricots, plums, cherries and strawberries. I bought some each one and how I am evaluating sweet recipes for Christmas, I thought I make some glasses of red fruits covered with it meringues. As I had a leftover of cream cheese I use in the recipe and mixed with cardamom, honey and whipped cream

Red Fruit verrines covered with gold meringue

100 G cream cheese

1 Coffee Spoon powdered cardamom

2 Spoonfuls honey

150 G whipped cream

50 G strawberries

50 G cherries

50 G red plums

For the Italian meringue

2 eggs white

100 G sugar

50 Ml water

Mix all ingredients and take to the refrigerator.

Meanwhile chopped the fruits and leave them macerating in raspberry liquor or Crème de cassis

Boil the water and the sugar in a ladle. And make syrup in point of thread

Whisk the egg whites until they are firm and form picks.

Continue whisking and incorporate the syrup little by little. Continue beating until cools down and form picks


Put in glasses a little layer of the cream of cheese cream (or in some bowl of your preference). Drain the juices of the fruit and put it on the cream of cheese

Conclude with the meringue.

With a culinary torch gild the surface of the meringue.

In the case that doesn't have torch, not to take to the oven to gild because the cream of below it doesn't tolerate the temperature.


Peter M said...

Sylvia, this is gorgeous, simple and likely declicious!

Half Baked said...

Beautiful! it looks so good!

Manggy said...

This looks incredible, Sylvia! I wish we had more berries here, though.

Dhanggit said...

i love the first photo..its like an avalanche of red fruits that i want to be trapped into and i would eat them all..the idea of putting these red fruits in verrine is really chic..really tempting recipe :-)

Mallow said...

So beautiful! Your pictures are amazing, and it looks delicious!

myfrenchkitchen said...

Sylvia, this dessert looks absolutely divine...it looks like one of those recipes that will just be loved by everybody...I will have to make this over the festives season some time soon! Lovely photos!

Gloria said...

Esto se ve maravilloso Sylvia, looks so good and delicious!! Me dà un hambre cada vez que vengo para acà!!! y las fotos estàn preciosas amiga!! Yours pictures are beautiful, friend!!! xx Gloria