25 Jan 2012

Fresh roasted cold meat

This is the hottest summer I ever had, with almost no rains and it sunrises with high temperatures. It is a hell to stay inside the house without air conditioning and sometimes it is very hot outside too. But in the
evening there is always a cool breeze in my backyard which makes us to eat there.

So these days inspire me to cook cold meals. I have Rump Skirt / Trip Tri stored in the freezer, and I
thought that using fresh-tasting spices and cut them into thin slices would be a good idea for dinner. And it was!!!.

I had also panettone left from Christmas, a little lemon curd and ripe cherries, with just these three
ingredients I prepared a super refreshing dessert that was the perfect ending of our dinner in a very warm day


1 k Skirt / Tri Tip

For the marinade

1 bottle dry white wine
2 shallots, finely chopped
1 tablespoon grated ginger
2 tablespoons powdered mustard
fresh thyme

For the dressing

 100 g chopped  sun dried tomatoes
1 / 4 cup olive oil
 Fresh coriander or parsley.
Chopped purple basil


  •   Mix all ingredients, put the meat in the marinade and bring to the fridge for at least two hours
  •  Put the meat in a large skillet and pour the meat to seal on both sides with a tread of olive oil
  • Preheat oven to cook meat bring to 300 ° C. 
  • Add the remaining marinade and grill for 35 to 45 minutes.
  • When cool, cut into thin slices and drizzle with dressing

    • Makes 4 servings


    Sneige said...

    I love lemon curd! I perfectly imagine how well it goes with the cherries!
    The meat looks fine too!
    I'm always very happy when I read your blog, the pictures are fantastic!

    beleye said...

    I'm absolutely with Sneige: your pictures are fantasticc! My this time's favovourites: the combination of white tablecloth and pink paper lanterns.

    bellini said...

    Sound like a perfect summer time meal to beat the heat!!!!

    Marly said...

    Olá, Sylvia,

    Eu tenho tido problemas com o meu computador o tempo inteiro, é raro eu poder comentar livremente em todos os blogs, agora mesmo não estou conseguindo comentar em muitos, pois a caixa de comentários não abre. Isto aconteceu aqui também.
    Bem, o verão aqui tem sido atípico, tem chovido muito e já tivemos temperaturas muito baixas, que nos forçou a dormir com dois edredons, rsrs.
    Mas, com calor ou não, eu encararia esta carne fria numa boa, pois o aspecto é muito bom, rsrs. A sobremesa de panetone também é prática e deve ser deliciosa, rsrs.


    Nicole said...

    WOW! These photos are all so luscious. Cheers for being awesome.


    Recetario Spanglish para mis hijos said...

    Sylvia, se ve delicioso! Permíteme decirte, es tri tip, al revés, uno de mis cortes preferidos, sería nuestra colita de cuadril. En EEUU la venden con mucha grasa, para la barbecue, yo la desgraso como vos.
    Un beso,

    Sylvia said...

    Gracias . la verdad no tenia mucha idea de como se llaria el corte en Ingles. Lo arregle para el futuro.

    Anonymous said...

    Awesome as usual in your posts, the photos makes it delicious. Macito.

    icedgurl said...

    trekking your yummy blog!!! burp!


    Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

    Really scrumptious looking! A great idea. Yummy!



    Valentina said...

    We have had no proper season since last august. I felt transported toy our back yard with those photos. I've told you how your photos transport me.xx-

    Easy Recipes, Stunning Presentations said...

    Indeed your pictures are amazing. They have this great glow which makes them all look attractive. Nice colour and material combinations!