23 Aug 2011

Cold days, warm meals

As I said in my previous post, nothing lasts forever and the cold back .The cloudy days are back with light rain falls, some days are bright blue but unbearably cold that makes you want stay at home.

To me these are special days to eat a good homemade meal. These things that will comfort the soul and warm up the heart.

The idea is to bring some color to my food to contrast with the cold days outside.

And what better than red tomatoes, green peas, fresh, crisp spinach leaves and soft potatoes And of course, yellow eggs yolk that recalls a sun.

With this amount of color and texture to the kitchen I was inspired to make a fettuccine with fresh tomatoes, oregano from my garden and peas with a tread of olive oil and chicken cubes.

In spite of the cold intensom the weekend was sunny and very very cold.

Spanish tortilla with spinach, bacon and shallots was our dinner last night, Warm, perfect for a  cold night. But , also good for a picnic, I like cold too, for when the day are warmer.

And finally, to end the holiday there was here an orange flan with caramel sauce.
Have a good week.

Spanish tortilla with spinach and bacon


  • 6 medium potatoes cut into cubes and half-steamed
  • 1 cup steamed spinach
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 shallots, or chopped onion if you can not find
  • 50 g of bacon cut into slices
  • Salt and pepper

  • In a large skillet brown the bacon, remove and chop
  • Beat eggs with salt and pepper
  • Add the potatoes to the egg mixture, spinach, cut the bacon chopped shallots, chopped well
  • mix well
  • In the same skillet that you browned bacon, heat  and add this mixture, smooth Simmer, covered 15 minutes poe
  • With the help of a plate or other pan of the same size  turn over and cook uncovered for 15 minutes

Makes 6 serves


bellini said...

From start to finish it sounds delightful!

beleye said...

La frescura y la luminosidad de tus fotos me
encanta, no hablar de las recetas - siempre una inspiración!

Maris (in Good Taste) said...

What gorgeous photos!

peachkins said...

stunning photos as usual!

Dzoli said...

What a fantastic pics:) You certainly manged not only to cook colourfull but to keep this colours alive;))

Mónica Pinto said...

Sylvia, as suas fotos são fantásticas e retratam na perfeição as deliciosas receitas que publica.
Parabéns pelo BAs cooking. Vou continuar a visitá-la.


Colores said...

acabo de descubrir tu blog y he quedado fascinada! qué bonito! un besote grande!

Helene said...

Fantastic pictures! What a delight.