6 May 2011

Herbed ceviche roll for the Mother´s day

As I said to you before, here, not celebrating Mother's Day in May. On difference in most countries where May is traditionally theMother´s day, including in Brasil, where my mother lives with the rest of my family.
I will not be able, once again, pass this day with her, but I know  that she knows that I love her so much . But ,I´d like to think  in our day would be like if she were here

 Probably prepare a nice lunch.  The main dish  woul be a  ceviche  roll stuffed with fresh herbs accompanied by steamed vegetables.
Ceviche is a Peruvian dish, but that aussi prepared in other countries of South America .to what apparently. is a meal that it was prepared from  thousand years ago by the Moche. Is fresh fish cut into squares and let marinate with lemon juice and peppers, in some recipes also added red onion. The acid from the  lemons change the structure of the proteins in the fish, essentially "cooking" the fish without using heat.

Serve  4 people
Time : 2 hours

1 kilo of fresh fish without bones
500g of onions
2 kilos of lemons and limes
Parsley, Coriander, fresh oregano and fresh tomilho
2 tablespoons olive oil

Cut the fish into squares.
put in a glass bowl, cover it with lemon juice and salt
For up to the thinly sliced ​​onions.
Cover with plastic wrap and put into refrigerator for two hours.
In a mortar, put the herbs together with the oil and grind to a paste.
  Place a teaspoon on each square and roll.
Serve with your favorite vegetables steamed

After lunch we would take a a walk through Buenos Aires, a city that loves and makes  you feels good  We'd go to the Ateneo Library and buy some books, we would take tea in the Violets, Walk Puerto Madero and would do some shopping on the mall. I know are things she likes and relax her. A big kiss moms and kisses to all the mothers who read this blog

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