22 Mar 2011

Think green

                                                        Herbs from my garden
These days I have been thinking a lot in have a greener diet. Not that we consummated little green, but is not totally integrated into our everyday food.
And that's how I got the tough for this tart. In addition to adding green beans.  I used those who are  hidden in the fridge. That piece of cheese, which has been forgotten and that is very little to make a whole meal, leftover chicken and those eggs purchased, on impulse, in an exaggerated amounon Sunday 
The  crust ´s tart is very simple and  was inspired by the classic French tart, quiche. I'll post just the recipe for dough that is super practical, and that ultimately it is the most I used for tart crusts. For the filling can use all you have leftover and mix with 4 eggs (for a large pie) and 300 ml cream, salt and pepper and fill the cake. Just this!

  As side dish I made  salad with watercress, red onions broad beans, radishes and feta cheese. Seasoning with a squeeze of lemon, mint and olive oil

                                                           Perfect crust


·         500g flour
·         4 Tablespoon butter (chill)
·         3  large eggs
·         1 egg yolk
·         1 Teaspoon baking power
·         teaspoon salt
·         tablespoon chilled water 


    Put the flour in a deep bowl, and coupled with the rest of the Ingredients

    Knead dough until smooth, easy to handle, if it ever require add a little more water. 

    Let stand at least 1 hour. 



    bellini valli said...

    This reminds me of Spring Sylvia!!!!

    Marina Mott said...

    Que post lindo!! Inspirador!! Beijo!

    OLGUIS said...

    looks so yummy.

    Mari said...

    Sylvia, this is one delicious tart! Great idea for leftovers.

    Have a wonderful day :)

    Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

    This is such a wonderful springtime tart, Sylvia! Such a great use for leftovers!

    Helene said...

    I have to tell you that your pictures are gorgeous!