24 Feb 2011



Finally I have no people working here, at home, the painters  were the last to left out, and all the people who worked on the remolding ,all gone. At last, I have my house back. Despite the setbacks, delays and frustrations, we are very happy with the result. Our home has been  very clear, bright, with  a great sunlight and also very functional, just what we wanted

But there are still things to organize. To say  for Valentine's Day  I ask to delivery , you can imagine that the kitchen stay away, for now. And when we get to some very dear friends over the weekend, for lunch,my husband was the one who stay in charge .BBQ over the weekend. I just mix some salads. My lunches have been basically sandwiches, lots of salad and fruits. This sandwich on pic is  on seed bread with salami and cheese spread with old fashioned  mustard.. For next week I promise to post some new recipe I intend to do this weekend.Hope you have a  wonderful weekend

Salami and cheese sandwich


bellini valli said...

I am thinking of all the fun it will be o organize from top to bottom. Enjoy!!! We look forward to more of your creations.

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Your home looks beautiful! The light is fantastic. And I love all this simple food. That sandwich has given me a serious craving...

Mari said...

Luce preciosa tu casa, es como estar en el cielo. La luz natural divina!!

El sandwhich.....bueno si pudiera tomarlo por la pantalla ya no estuviera ahí.

Un saludo :)

Begoña said...

Sylvia, estoy segura de que tu casa ha quedado estupenda pero yo me quedo con ese sandwich.... qué pinta!!!
Mañana mismo intento hacer ese tipo de pan... impresionante!!
Un saludo, Begoña

vinho um ritmo de vida said...

bom dia,

gostei muito do seu blog e pelo que li... e nada melhor que o vinho para acompanhar as refeições bem preparadas...

Peço-lhe um um favor, que coloque o link do nosso blog no seu site para que as pessoas também possam conhecer mais sobre vinho...

Forte abraço