12 Jan 2011

After a long winter....


...finally i ´m back to blogging... I received several mails asking me when I¨ll be back to the blog, I thank you all and finally the day arrived. But let me tell you what happened.
 In fact it all started because we wanted a patio to enjoy the summer, entertain friends and make some barbecue .. But everything seemed very easy in projects and plains . take off one  bedroom, replace it, remove some walls, making new bathrooms and increase our bedroom And voila... as  somekind of magic  we would have our new patio. But reality was far of it..Stress, frustration, a few days of pure joy and others of despair. It took six months of the same.But everything has an end, and although details are lacking  yet, is now finished. I leave here some pics to see how it turned in our yard , hope you enjoyNew space (patio)

Also want to transform a large bathroom (which seemed to me a waste of space to have a big bathroom) in a sort of studio, to use for work and also for my photos .. I thank you again for your patience and will be posting new recipes soon. Tthis time I used it to test new and delicious recipes to share. Have a great week

estudio detalhe

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bellini valli said...

Lovely to have you back Sylvia. We look forward to all that 2011 brings.

Helene said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Looks beautiful at your place. I love it.

Laurie said...

I know what you mean Sylvia.. I have scattered all around me samples of carpet, moldings, stone, and we have much of our possessions packed in boxes. And PAINT COLORS.. this is taking me the longest! :)

But I'm glad to see you posting your patio pictures, it is so beautiful and refreshing, I hope you have many happy times there! Ciao xoxo

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! Your place looks beautiful.


Mari said...

Looks wonderful! I love it! I was so happy to see your update in my mail, I am glad your back! You were greatly missed!

Un saludo,

Marly said...

Sylvia, querida,

Achei que você tivesse desistido do blog, que bom que isso não aconteceu!
Gostei muito da reforma, as imagens são lindas!

Um beijo.

Ben said...

That's lovely! Congratulations on your new patio.

Al Dente Gourmet said...

Hi Sylvia, Welcome back! Your place looks absolutely beautiful :)



Anita said...

Such a good taste you have, clean and sweet.