4 Jan 2010

Deviled eggs with smoked salmon and salad

We spend very well the end of the year, and even with a  small/ big  situation with  light  , and left our block without light at Christmas. But, that was not really a problem, because I bought more than thirty candles and th atmosphere was very cozy and  beautiful.
So, we had deviled eggs at Christmas dinner and New Year's eve dinner

      Deviled eggs with smoked salmon

Smoked salmon deviled eggs

 Love these eggs and I always made some for holidays. They are quite simple to made.For 12 guests I used 6 boiled eggs .

After cold cut into halves remove yolks and place in a sieve. Using a fork  force egg yolks, mix smoked salmon (100g) and  half cup mayonnaise, season with ground pepper 1 tablespoon extra virgin oil and salt. Place in a pipe and fill the halves     

And , what to do with the leftovers...?

As always bought a few more things that I need, obviously  some left.
As we are not in times of waste, I made this salad, pretty fresh  with  wonderful flavors

Smoked salmon salad

Smoked salmon & brie cheese salad

For the salad I used leaves of different lettuces, arugula, strips of smoked salmon, brie cheese squares and sprinkled with chopped nuts . Salt pepper vinegar and olive oil for seasoning

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Peter G said...

They look beautiful Sylvia! What a wonderful treat for your guests...love al the pics too!

Ivy said...

Happy New Year Sylvia. As always your photos are beautiful and the deviled eggs sounds "devilish".

♥peachkins♥ said...

I'm sure the deviled eggs were very tasty. The salad looks fantastic..

lisaiscooking said...

I love deviled eggs, and the smoked salmon in yours sounds delicious! Happy New Year to you!

Kate/Kajal said...

Hey Sylvia , loved these the moment i saw them on Flickr :)

Hope you have a fabulous 2010.


Anonymous said...

Your deviled eggs look delicious. I love the first photo with the beautiful pink roses and the lovely table setting.

Happy New Year!

Paz xoxo

Bellini Valli said...

These are such a special treat for your guests Sylvia. They not only taste delicious but look beautiful too.

tasteofbeirut said...

They look so beautiful I think I would eat them even if I was not hungry!