15 Jul 2008

A healthy way to start your day, an announcement, gift and news

Wow, this is a huge title: isn’t it? But I had a lot of news to share with you, dear readers.

I am so excited because for the first time I received something related to my blog. This beautiful eco shop bag above,

bolsa food buzz

a button with my site name included.bolsa  button

The package arrived a few days ago by mail from Food Buzz, and I was touched with this present. Thanks to the kind crew from Food Buzz.

So lets use only cotton bags to s our shopping in grocery , markets etc. and forget all plastic bags. Something is getting wrong . Today the whether was weird (82,4F in winter !! Last winter at this same time was snowing, do you believe it ??)

The second thing was that my dear friend and chef Carlos Bertolazzi has a new site : C.U.C.I.N.A. Last year Carlos stayed in Roses (Spain) and guesses what??

bertz mosaico 2

Last year, he did an internship with the most creative European chef, Ferran Adria, in his restaurant El Bulli This guy had a such a great talent and clever, and is a pretty sweet person too .Take a look at his site and if you need a five star catering service this is the right place.

And finally Laylita of Laylita´s recipes has tagged me for a meme called 10.

Here are the rules: 1. Post 10 of your own favorite food shots. 2. Pass the opportunity on to others by leaving a message on their comments page just so they’re aware of it.

So here are my top ten favorite food photos:


I am tagging



Lori Lynn

And after you read this wonderful news I wanna let you an important tip to think and eat in your next morning

Café da manha

You know, mornings can be mayhem or magical--depending on your outlook on A.M. activities. Most of us would settle for somewhere in between. And that's doable, if you rethink the moments between your feet touching the floor and heading out the door.

Here is one way to get your day off to a healthy startYogurt

Break the fast. Fuel yourself with a high-fiber breakfast that includes whole grains, fruit and low-fat protein.


  • 2 cups natural low fat yogurt, divided (or other flavors)
  • 1 cup granola cereal divided (I prefer homemade)
  • Preserved cherries or fresh strawberry (optional)


  1. Place 1/3 cup of granola in a bowl. Top with half of the yogurt.
  2. Repeat layers.
Top with remaining granola and add preserve cherries (or another favorite fresh or preserved fruit). AddThis Social Bookmark Button


Lori Lynn said...

Oh my goodness Sylvia, I am reading along and see your mention of me and Taste With The Eyes today. How fun is that???

Gee, I am not much of a meme person but hmmmm a photography meme just might be one I can handle.

I received a bag too, isn't Foodbuzz great? So many surprises...

Layla said...

I love your photos, they are so vibrant!

Dhanggit said...

oh im jealous Sylvia, everybody seems to receive this cute bag already except me LOL :-) i would prefer though to see you modelling this bag :-D, thanks for tagging me on this awesome meme, specially coming from someone i truly admire in photography, too bad i already did this meme before :-)

btw, im pretty sure you had a hard time choosing your top ten photos for all your photos are breathtaking!! hmmm let me see one more time your photos :-) kisses

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Your photos always look so yummy! I love foodbuzz!!!

Susan said...

Great collage of your ten favorite pix, Sylvia. I received my FoodBuzz bag, too, but given the tons of groceries I purchase when at market, I would need at least a dozen of them!