14 Nov 2007

A little walk

Domingo, bikes

As I commented previously, last week was a quite busy week

It was my husband’s youngest brother wedding. It has been a

pretty happy moment for all us. My mother came mainly for the wedding and we had the opportunity to chat a lot and go for a walk a little also

 Belgrano  barrio

This time I took her to the Chinese neighbourhood; it is not very big if compared at another Chinatowns that I know. They are only 4 or 5 blocks in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, it is, at least until where know, the place that can buy Thai coconut milk, that is better than other and I have used in recipes. There the fish is pretty fresh, as well as the papayas, litchis, green vegetables, and many spices. It is in the groceries of the Chinese neighborhood I discover infinity of flours. I bought one, corn extra fine flour that calls Semite of corn and algarroba flour, an excellent substitute for the chocolate. Not I resisted and I bought rice moti, basmati and sushi. rice I also bought kombu and Nori, because I like to prepare sushi in summer.

belgrano vidiera

In another supermarket I found ducks and I finished it to bring, I prepared with the classic French recipe, Canard à l’orange, later will publish the recipe.

Then we were to take lunch in Puerto Madero in La Paraloccia casa tua An Italian restaurant right prices and good food. I order a padded chicken with ham and gruyere and steam vegetables. The sauce was delicious, but the chicken was poor in flavor, my mother's requested gnoqui that was already fantastic. And I wondering that the strong of the restaurant are pastas.

 Madero restaurante

The desserts are big and they can be divided, my mother requested strawberries with zabaglione sauce with meringues wrapped in a vanilla tuille. My husband doesn't leave the chocolate mousse, as always, of course.

Domingo , P madero taças

We accompany the food with a Lurton Pinot Grigio a fresh and flavorful wine. And the week passed whit happiness and party. With sadness everything returned to the routine on Monday. My mother comes back on Sunday and I already miss her.


luci said...

Nada como ter mamãe por perto hem? Que coisa boa! :)


Marcia said...

Penso que Chinatowns não têm nada a ver com B.A., no meu entender. Claro, vou aí pelos peixes, mariscos, carnes, tangos e mercedezes sozas. Mas seu passeio é digno de nota.

Susan said...

It sounds like you and your mother had a great visit. I'm sure the wedding was wonderful, but it's also the little everyday things we do that make life special, too. Your photo of the bicycles is a lovely tribute to that.

Gloria said...

Me alegro que hayas estado con tu mamà Sylvia, y la pasaste bien parece!! Deliciosa comida y preciosas fotos, amiga xxxGloria

Paola said...

Tus fotos, como siempre, estan hermosas! Que bien que pasaste con tu mama. :)


Kate / Kajal said...

those are some really wonderful photographs. Seems like you n your mom had a wonderful time together.Nice that we can sometimes find the time to do things like these. I would love to catch up with my mum too. Was supposed to see her but its postponed for a while.
Love the bicycle pic.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like you had a nice vist with your mom and I am glad to hear that all went well with your brother in laws wedding! What a happy time for all of you! :)