18 Nov 2007

Spicy chocolate cake in little sweet boxes

Caixinha doce 3

t’s barely a month away or a bit more for Christmas. That, will be, this year .celebrate in my home.

So,I think that treat was perfect for Zlamushka event A spoonful for Christmas

I love to make many sweat treats in Christmas’s eve and also in New Year’s Eve. I usually make them in individual shape, so, that they can be consumed at the end of the night while they accompany with a glass of foamy, coffee or tea .And the individual shape allows that the leftovers can be use 25’s brunch. So, as I have time, I am evaluating some new things, as these sweet small boxes that I made starting from a spicy chocolate cake, filled with condensed milk cream.

For spicy chocolate cake

caixinha doce 2

½ Cup butter

1 ½ Cup sugar

2 Eggs more two yolks

60G melted chocolate

2 and ½ cups flour

1 coffee spoon vanilla essence

1 coffee spoon powdered cinnamon

1 coffee spoon powdered cardamom

1 coffee spoon baking soda

1 coffee spoon baking powder

1 Cup sour (it can sour with some drops of lemon juice) milk


Beat the butter until this creamy one

Add the sugar little by little and to add the eggs one by one

Put the melted chocolate and to continue beating

Sift all dry ingredients and add them to the previous alternating mixture with sour milk

To take to the oven in tin rectangular anointed tin, for approximately 35 minutes to

175 ºC (347F)

Cool down and cut in small squares

It produces 15 squares

For the filler

Caixinha doce recheio

1 Can of condemned milk

2 Egg yolks

1 Spoonful butter

Mix all the ingredients and take to the heat, spinning until it comes off of the bottom of the pan


caixinha doce

Fill the cake squares with the condensed milk cream; pass a fine layer of marmalade of your preference stops well to adhere to the pasta to cover cakes.

Stretch the pasta in rectangular and fine form and cover the cakes with the sweet pasta to covered cakes, remove the excesses

Cut in tapes the pasta in the size of the lateral ones and hit on the lateral of the same ones.

Caixinha doce 4

With the elastic modeling pasta cut another tapes and press the two extremities in the center forming a bun it. Cuts other fine ribbons and cover the center of the buns to give the termination. As the elastic pasta dries off and it hardens, cuts other tapes and give movement like in the photo. Cut the tips in diagonal; hit those to the buns after dry painting with egg white

Finally put up the bun on top of the cakes.

I paint the buns with non toxic mother-of-pearl color


Mallow said...

Those cakes look delicious, and the boxes are beautiful!

linda said...

Very cute and pretty!

Sylvia said...

Mallow and linda . Thanks a lot

Susan said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! What a grand artistic hand you have, Sylvia!

Mansi Desai said...

wow, they look so pretty Sylvia!! you are a creator girl, and I'd love to get such delicious gifts from you!!:) you know you could send it to Zlamushka's A Spoonful of Christmas event..it would be jusr perfect!!

Sylvia said...

Susan Thanks , but I am not an artist I just like that kind of treats and I
do with my heart.

Mansi I did updates on this and send to Zlamushka. Thanks for your coment

Butters and Johnnycakes said...

Beautiful photos!

Kevin said...

The cake looks really good. I have never made anything with condensed milk. I will have to try using it.

Oh for the love of food! said...

These cakes and their boxes are so pretty, Sylvia, a perfect gift for Christmas!

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Wow, your cake looks amazing... you did such a great job with this ribbon.

zlamushka said...

What a gorgeous gift. I am a very lucky girl to get these. Thank you very much for participating, Sylvia.

I am sure my readers will love these and check back with you to "steel" the recipe :-)

Anthony said...

Mmmm ... que rico!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This is incredible Sylvia! I am sure your family and friends are going to enjoy these little goodies for the holidays. Your creations just keep getting better and better over time.

Dhanggit said...

oh my how i wish i would be the one to recieve those spice choco cake! i just love them! You are such an artist we could really see the work of art and heart in this recipe and photos! glad to discover your blog :-) we'll visit you often

Gloria said...

Sylvia se ven maravillosos y deliciosos!!!Wonderful and delicious!!!! xx Gloria