12 Nov 2007

Chicken salad

As I was busy in last week,for this I made something quick and with a very good final result. A chicken salad with quails eggs, tomatoes cherry, shallots and mini carrots.

What gave a lot of flavor was to have sprouted the chicken in tapes and to have added lemon juice and balsamic aceto. Also having sprouted the zucchinis with salt

I use:

1 Icing lettuce

1 rocket lettuce (argula) bundle

100G carrots baby

12 cooked quails eggs

1 zucchini

100 G cherries tomatoes

2 shallots cute in plume (that it means cut to the horizontal one and in the feather way)

For the vinaigrette

Balsamic Aceto, 4 spoonfuls

Olive oil

Juice of half lemon




Peter M said...

Sylvia, you even make salads look stunning!

myfrenchkitchen said...

This looks so clean and fresh and the colours make it so appetizing-looking...great photo.

Kevin said...

Nice looking salad!

Cynthia said...

I like your chicken, not a lot of mayo and can't see the other ingredients :)

Sylvia said...

Peter , thanks

Ronell, I really like fresh salad without heavy sauces.

Kevin , Tanks

Cyntia , I completely agree with you. Salad can be fresh and colourful. I only acept the bright of the olive oil.

Hillary said...

Now THAT'S a chicken salad! I don't often think of something that pretty when I think of chicken salad..