24 Oct 2007

Taste of sea, ravioli al nero di seppia

This Sunday it was commemorated, here, in Argentina, the mother’s day. I was habituated to commemorate it in the second Sunday of May. I think that in most of the countries that I know it commemorates in May. I don’t know why here it is in this date. But if you are in Rome do as the Romans.-So, I calls my mother-in-law and I invited her to took the lunch here with us. As you know my mother is far, living in Brazil -My mother in law is a wonderful person and I really like her .So, she didn't deserve cook in such special day for her. I love to cook and hostess, make something good and that she like is no a big deal for I pick up the phone and ask her what she think about come to lunch here this year.She loves the idea I quickly started to plan the menu for the day.

Ravioles con tinta de calamar mesa

Thislast week was little regretful. With the summer coming soon, I have been missing the sea. The city that I live was a few kilometers of the sea and I always spent the most of my vacations in São Sebastião, north cost of Sao Paulo and many times in the hot days after the university class I went to Guarujá. We (my friends and I) take a sea bath, buy ice creams and we returned at home at the same afternoon. Guarujá is only 80 kilometers of São Paulo. Nostalgic that made me made for the mother’s day these raviolis that approached me of the salted smell of the sea.

Raviolis al Nero di séppia filled with smoked salmon

Ravioles con tinta de calamares listo

For the dough

ravioles tinta juntos

200G of wheat flour

2 eggs Yolks

Tread olive oil

Pinch of salt

4 G squid ink


Mix well and knead all ingredients. Wrap toward inside a paper film and rest approximately during 20 minutes with the purpose get elasticity

For the fill

Ravioles de tinta de calamar relleno

100G smoked salmon

Two Shallots

3 tablespoon cream cheese

A pinch of salt and pepper

Everything to be processed together until get a paste and be filled

For the sauce

Ravioles shallots

1 Teaspoon butter

2 shallots cute in smal cubes

400 G crème or crème fraicher (I used 0 % fat)

2 Egg yolks

4 sticks kani


A pinch of salt and pepper

Put the butter in a sauce pan and melt, put the puncture shallots and

sauté until be transparent, add the cream and to hold to boil. Retire of the heat and add the yolks. Put the Kani sticks and to be taken minute to low fire. Retire of the heat, add salt and pepper, leave and put parsley.


Aimée said...

Wow, lucky lady. I wish I could come to lunch! You have pulled off a very elegant, and from the looks of it, tasty lunch! Pasta looks stellar.

Hillary said...

Your dishes and recipe are BOTH gorgeous! If you ever need company for lunch...don't hesitate! :)

Peter M said...

The table setting, plating and food all are classy!

Anh said...

You are a true artist! I would love to visit you and learn some tips on:

1. Making ravioli!

2. How to set a perfect table.

3. How to be the best host on earth!


Zézito do Nada said...

buenos, muy buenos tus raviolis. me gusta.

Manggy said...

That looks so dramatic! I love it!

cannella said...

Desde luego veo ya a tu suegra después de comerse un plato de estos maravillosos raviolis (cuánto trabajo! qué perfección!) pedirte, con los ojos húmedos de emoción, si quieres un anillo de brillante scomo próximo regalo de cumpleaños!!!

Gloria said...

All is beatiful Sylvia, the table, the roses, and the food, all is wonderful, I congrats you... Gloria

Cynthia said...

You are the best!