1 Oct 2007

Sunday lunch with my parents in law and a easier chicken

domingo azul,flores

Sunday: I wake up early. I always wake up early. I made my coffee, not the instantaneous one, but the real coffee, in grains, Brazilian, that I buy in the border when I go to Uruguay, because I am nobody, neither my day begins until drinking this beverage , hot and comforting that walks directly on the way to my nervous center, to inform me that my day is began.

I look for the kitchen’s window and observe the blue sky; I think in take care the garden that was forgotten a little in winter. Definitively it will be that I will do, take care of my plants and sow some lavender seeds that I buy inside the pretty gavel that I brought other day

domingo cafe da manha e lavanda juntas

Everything in peace, all clear in how it would be my Sunday. That until my husband enter for kitchen’s door and be served Soy cold milk orange flavor (I don't understand as somebody can drink something frozen so gets up), the reminiscences of their childhood for sure. He kisses me and tells me. "Did you remember that my parents will come to take lunch today, did you? Did you? I didn’t...I didn’t remember. I look up and think Oh my god!!

I enter in panic. My panic was stopped a little bit, when I heard the blim, blim comes from the skipe, I went to the other room to see who is calling. Was my mum, anxious to tell me something about one book that she was reading In the middle of the conversation I ask: "Mum, what you will make for lunch today?"

-There is…. I having a chicken and I will put some herbs in him

Herbs??” I said

-" Yes… You know, Onion, garlic, rosemary, mayonnaise, salt and pepper"

"Only this?

-" Yes, something simple, because I want to continuous reading my book, but I leave you now, because I leave seasoning it”

And I thought: "Only that?" Bingo, I already know what to make. Mothers make the life be practical and simple Thank you Mum!

I had some trays and on chicken thigh. I retired of the refrigerator and I made this

Roasted chicken with Herbs and mayonnaise

Domingo frango

1 Kg of thigh and on chicken thigh

4 Tablespoons of mayonnaise

1 Big onion

5 Cloves of garlic

1 Teaspoon of rosemary

1 Sage teaspoon

Parsley chopped

1 thread olive oil

A pinch of salt and pepper


Put all ingredients in a blender, season the chicken and take to the refrigerator for approximately 50 minutes.

Smooth the chicken and take to the oven, until covering of golden

Domingo salada

The chicken was soft and crunching on the exterior, full with flavor given by the herbs, I accompany making a salad with icing lettuce, tomato, basil and

Fresh Mozzarella. For dessert I made a petit gateau whit vanilla ice cream I will post the dessert recipe in the next post


Gloria said...

Què quieres que te diga??? Las fotos son fantàsticas, y esa mermelada se veìa preciosa, le pones amor a tu blog, eso me gusta.
Te admro la paciencia que escribes en los tres idiomas, yo las recetas las estoy poniendo en inglès, pero si alguien me pide se la doy en español no hay problema. Cariños Gloria

Kelly Mahoney said...

Fresh mozarella is such a great ingredient in general. Nice recipes.

Sylvia said...

Gracias Gloria,la mermelada es de rosa mosqueta ,que junto a la de sarsamora y naranjas amargas es mi predilecta.

Kelly ,I totally agree with you. I use a lot fresh mozarella

Paula VB said...

Oi Sylvia,
Vi o comentário que vc fez no meu blog e entrei para conhecer o seu! Parabéns! Muito legal! E obrigada por passar pelo meu! Vou tentar fazer uma receita boliviana com aquelas batatas, se ficar bom te aviso! Bjs.

The Cooking Ninja said...

It's a simple meal but it is simply delicious looking. Your chicken thigh looks very yummy.

Sylvia said...

Paula ,quando vc fizer ,me avise .Obrigada

Cooking ninja.,Yes is simple and easy , but, as all simple things delicious.