8 Oct 2007

Coffee or tea? welcome to my kitchen


Before Cannella came out in vacations she left a meme for us. It was to put a picture of our kitchens, the place that we pass good part of our time cooking.

cozinha juntas Cozinha

My kitchen is not big, but for me it is ideal, although in these months in that she can have an improvement, I am thinking in to retire the galleries approximately and to leave the right roof and make an island. Nina also left me a meme in what concerns to would have to write the first sentences of the first book in having at hand.

"Oh !" said Alice "I’m not sure if I was able to do this." "Why not?" Ask the young man from New York. He was being persuading her to write a book about her life with Gertude Stein and the adventures that they shared." Because "Alice said " Gertude already write my biography and this fact " At the same time the young editor’s face became sad, and so as Alice had certain friendship for him, in the years following the Gertude´s pass away , she could said :. "One that I could make" in the most insecure way that her get and that was any heap to be that “Is a cook book " and soon later "Would to be, of course, full of life stories” and she kept the promise.

From: The Alice B. Toklas Cook book

Well and if I invited you to share with me this visit, what kind of hostess I m if I don’t invite you to take some cookies like this, with a cup of coffee or tea. Then, be my guest


To see my new remolding kitchen click here

hCozinha biscoitos de amendoas

1 Vanilla bean

200 G of butter

80G of sugar

1 salt

2 Eggs yolks

300G flour

100G almonds processed with peel

Your favorite marmalade or jam

Confectionery's sugar to sprinkle


cozinha ,bolachinhas antes

With a sharp knife open the vanilla and retire the seeds

Whisk the butter with the sugar and the salt and the vanilla seeds until

get a whitish concoction. Add the yolks. Combine the flour with the

almonds blended.. Wrap up in film and be taken in refrigerator for approximately three hours. Cut circles and other circles whit a hole in the middle..

Become to the oven for 10 or 12 minutes should be stay gold in below and whitish


cozinha biscoitinhos em prato

Retire to the oven, and, sprinkle with confectionery sugar the circle whit the hole and fill the other whit marmalade or jam .Unite the two parts and serve With the white eggs leftover I add 200g from blended almond and 100g caster sugar Mix well and take to the oven with a preserve cherry on top.


Kelly Mahoney said...

What a great treat.

And at least your kitchen has an oven.

Valli said...

I would love to sit in your kitchen and sip tea and eat cookies!!! I love the lime green table!!!

Mansi Desai said...

wow, your kitchen is beautiful!! Love the light soothing green shade, and oh yes, I'll have tea please:) with those cookies:D

Mallow said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous! It looks like such a wonderful place to sit for tea and cookies!

Truffle said...

Beautiful photos!

Hillary said...

Oh man...guess I won't be sipping my coffee or tea alone next time...and I agree with some of the other commenters, you have a GORGEOUS kitchen.

Sylvia said...

Kelly, for sure. In this case I'm better than you.

Valli,Then be my guest.In fact my table is soft yellow.The lime green is a reflect of the green in the garden.

Mansi Ok,tea and fresh of the oven cookies.And thanks

Mallow, Truffle and Hillary Thanks

Marcel Miwa & Nina Moori said...

Não acredito que você morou perto do Colégio Santa Clara! Estudei lá do pré primário até o 3ºcolegial! Incrível como tantas pessoas que visitam os mesmos blogs moram ou já moraram tão perto umas das outras.
Acho que já nos cruzamos por aí...rsrsr

myfrenchkitchen said...

what a lovely post and were I closer, I would for sure accept an invitation to share a coffee and your freshly bakes cookies! Beautiful kitchen!