17 Sep 2007

Fish stew (Moqueca de Peixe)

I don’t know if you know it, but I’ve been born in São Paulo and I came to live here after my marriage in 2001. São Paulo doesn't have a 100 % traditional culinary. I think that is due for the strong immigration and the emigration of other countries and Brazilian states that it has had through the years . Because there, we eats much pizza and Italian food, also Arab food,:I had a friend in the college.who his mother is from Lebanon and she cooks the best sfihas that I already ate, even the flavourful hummus. Japanese and Chinese cook are very appreciating too in Sao Paulo. But I wanted to bring something typical of the Brazilian cook, and I think that fish moqueca was a good example of my country food. It seems to be typical of the state of Espirito Santo near Rio de Janeiro, but the people from Bahia also says that it a typical Bahia food. Their characteristic perfume comes from the palm oil (dendè). This oil that is extracted from the fruit of a palm known as Dendezeiro (guineensis of Elaeis) and it is rich in vitamin A. For those who reside in Buenos Aires we bought one, a Brazilian mark named Cepera, for approximately 7 pesos in Falabella.

Well, and without more I leave them this recipe. Simply delicious

Moqueca de Peixe (Fish stew)


1 Kg of fish (that have firm meat)

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 lemons juice


1 Tablespoon oil

2 onions cute in rings

1 Sweet green pepper, I don't use because I don't like

1 Sweet red pepper

2 Tomatoes cute in rings

250 Ml coconut milk

1 spoonful palm oil

Milled pepper

Chopped cilantro


Palm oil (Dendê)

Cut the fish in squares add the lemon juice, add the garlic and the salt and allow rest in the refrigerator during approximately 20 minutes.

In a pot preferably of mud, or some that retains the heat, I used an iron pan, put the oil ( I used sunflower oil). Put a layer of onions. I have put them below, because they resist more to the heat. Then a layer of sweet peppers and I finish with tomatoes. Cook during approximately 15 minutes and place the fish, the palm oil, the coconut milk and the chopped pepper. Cook into low fire with covered pot. Finish, whit sprinkling the chopped cilantro. Serve accompanied by fish Piron that is made with the broth of the not used parts of the fish mixed whit manioc flour


Kelly Mahoney said...

Whether or not it's completely authentic, this dish looks fabulous.

Valli said...

A pure delight to read as always. What beautiful photographs and recipes!!I enjoyed reading little tidbits about Brazil and their cuisine!!!I think an authentic Brazilian dish would be using the freshest local ingredients you can find. Canada can not be said to have a national cuisine really either because we are a melting pot of cultures.But just keep it fresh and local and you have a great combination!!!

Cynthia said...

I love fish stews and curries.

Sylvia said...

Thanks Kelly.

Valli, so, Canada is like my state Sao Paulo,a pot of different cultures. But Brazil,have a lot of traditional dishes .

Cynthia unfortunately this dish don't had curries,just dende oil who gave the color at those kind of dishes.

Marcia said...

Silvia, as fotos da moqueca estão lindas e a receita é perfeita. Irei a B.A. para o casamento do Adão, amigo nosso, que já está morando aí por conta da noiva portenha, a Laura. Adoramos esta cidade e sempre vamos jantar em Puerto Madero, vamos à Tortoni etc. Se tiver dicas menos turísticas, já que está morando aí, agradeço.

Sylvia said...

Marcia ,isso depende do que voce gostar ,nao tenho problema algum em te indicar,me passe um e .mail por favor contando do que voce gostaria de ver

Mallow said...

That recipe sounds like something I would love. I wonder how difficult it would be to track down dende in oil in the States. Do you think it is used in other South American countries?

Sylvia said...

Mallow ,if you don´t found dende ,you can use curcuma (Indian Saffron),obviously the flavor was not the same but is good too.I don´t know if is ordinary in others countries of south America. In Brazil is common and used in the north of the country.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey Sylvia! Your photos are always so gorgeous, like they came out of a glossy food magazine! This fish dish sounds totally yummy too!

Giacomo said...

Obrigado pela ajuda!
Vc vive numa cidade também linda!
Tudo de bom.

Larissa said...

Teu blog é bárbaro....
E fiquei encantada principalmente com as fotos, simplesmnete perfeitas!

Sylvia said...

Carol ,nice to see you again here :) Thank you I do my best...;)

Giacomo, De nada

Larissa obrigada ,descobri que além de cozinhar gosto muito de fotografar,Obrigada pela visita e espero ve-la sempre por aqui

Anonymous said...

hi, nice recipe. Just to let u know that palm oil is widely used in Africa so try African food stores,