3 Sep 2007

The barbecue and the chocolate and lemon dessert

There are days that the things don't come out as we plan them, but in this way or another ends up leaving well. In my neighbourhood I know when spring approaches, is when you begins to feel the noise of the grass lawn mowers and see people to take care of their gardens and make small repairs Saturday it was this way. Windy, but for sure a cool day. My neighbour's plum tree has covered of white delicate flowers. And the sky was an intense deep blue. We went shopping with my husband and observing all that, I thought (I discover that I am already with the state of mind of Argentinian!). Tomorrow is a good day for a barbecue!!!! I will invite a couple of friends and we will make it out. Friends invited and things for the bought preparations. Something very typical, sausage, some meat, and Criolla salad

(lettuce, tomato and onion) and boiled potatoes Provencal salad (boiled potatoes with peel, cut in cubes and decorated with the parsley, salt, chopped garlic and olive oil). I woke up, and the day was strange, neither cloudy neither clear. At two in the afternoon when the sun gave the face I was retiring the plates to serve the dessert, the barbecue was served indoor, anything like it had drifted to set the table out, in the garden and let that the sun heated the body. The conversation was even this way phenomenal and our Sunday was almost a spring day. The lunch was finished with a dessert that made success, a padded brownie with lemon white chocolate mousse. The delicate and contrasting flavour, as much as also the contrast of textures, made the dessert the star of the day .In the day that didn't decide

Brownie and white chocolate and lemon mousse

1 brownie recipe like published here cut in two halves

For the mousse of white chocolate and lemon

1 Can condensed milk

100G white chocolate

200 heavy cream battens

2 white eggs whipped with two tablespoons sugar

Juice of two lemons

2 G gelatin without flavor and moisturized

Melt the chocolate and allow it to cool

Mix the milk condensed with the melted chocolate

Add the lemon juice and mix well

Mix with the batten cream the gelatin

For finish add the white eggs whipped and incorporate them to the previous mixture


Cover one part of the brownie with the mousse.

Put another brownie layer and cover with Mouse. Decorate with chocolate and let into the refrigerator for three hours

Retire of the refrigerator sprinkle with confectionary sugar and serve


waleriabelem said...

My Goodness!!!
O q é essa sobremesa hein??????????rssssssssssss


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Yum yum yum! Sounds like a great party!

Anonymous said...

Wowwwww, It's awesome.
We Loved your Blog is the best.
Good Luck and best wishes.

Johny Lomito.

Cynthia said...

Sylvia darling, I think that I have been missing your posts because your feeder has been updated and I did notice it until just now. Sorry love. I've missed all your beautiful creations.

Martunis said...

Hola, me llamo marta y soy de Barcelona. Hoy he visto tu blog por primera vez y me ha encantado, felicidades, es fantástico!!! Seguiré paseando por él y ya estoy buscando una rato para preparar este delicioso pastel de chocolate y limón. mi blog de cocina es muy reciente, así que seguro que aprendo del tuyo!!

Elvira said...

Parabéns pelo seu fantástico blog! Não só é lindo como faz crescer água na boca! :-) Vou já linkar!

Já agora, não se quer juntar à nossa comunidade de blogues culinários em língua portuguesa...? Basta cadastrar-se como usuária e depois submeter o blog. É aqui: http://www.cozinhasdomundo.com/

Um abraço grande de Portugal.

Sylvia said...

Wá obrigada pela vistinha, a sobremesa ficou muito boa vale a pena provar

Jenn,yes ,was a great lunch

Tanks Johnny I m proud of you

Cynthia,don't worry this things happens.But I confess I was a little worried if I do to you anything or maybe my horrible English scar you

Hola Marta ,bienvenida a mi blog, gracias por tus amables palabras y espero que te pueda encontrar siempre por acá

Sylvia said...

Elvira, já me cadastrei por lá e obrigada pela vista.

Cristina Mascareñas said...

sin hablar de la comida...
FELICIDADES POR EL BLOG! (yo tambien soy de Barcelona como Martunis)


Sylvia said...

Cristina gracias por la visita y espero verte mas veces por acá