19 Jun 2007

Classical Brownies

The first time that I made Brownies I would have about 12 or 13 years old. The recipe that I had called it “Squares of chocolate.” I love the humid texture, the nuts and the crunchy top. The recipe that I use is still the same one in a leaf yellow I know that almost all have a recipe of Brownies, but as classic that is I cannot stop to share. The only alterations that I make are: confectionery sugar and chocolate to 70% of cocoa. But anything prevents that half bitter chocolate is used.
1 cup confectionary sugar
2 eggs
100grs butter
150grs chocolate 70% cocoa
1 cup a little less than full with flour
100 grs chopped nuts
Whip the eggs with sugar, until they thicken and be with a clear color. Melt the butter and the chocolate together.
Mix them whit the eggs and sugar and continue beating.
Put the nuts with the flour and mix them to the previous mixture.
Take to the oven in a brownie badge for 15 minutes.
Cut it after is cold one


Verena said...

Hummmmm, sou louca por brownies, adorei esses! Beijos!


Sylvia said...

Obrigada Verena