12 Sep 2007

Asian Inspiration

As I had commented previously, how is difficult sometimes to think of what one can make to cook. Once my grandmother went to hire a person to help her in the household tasks

Before they reached an agreement about the salary, the person commented on what wanted to receive as pay, but she made a warning: "If it is to think in what to make for the lunch or dinner, the salary has to be bigger." My grandmother counted that as a strange and amusing fact, but the person didn't stop to have her reason. I sometimes ask to my husband that he would like to eat, and he responds me: "what seems you, always cook well and” I stay thinking" That is that a call help, Big Deal! ". But for luck the sites and the foodie blog exist, I prefer the personal sites and the blogs to be inspired; I think they are trustier. I have been visiting some Asian blogs, like that and this, and although I don't like flavors a lot very species, the blend of flavors and the textures that that kind of cook contribute. And I like a lot. It was inspired by them that I created this dish

Chicken curry with honey perfume and coconut


1 Kg of chicken chest

Lemon juice

2 shallots finely cut

2 garlic cloves

2 Spoonfuls of mild curry, I use it to be soft, but you can also use another variety of curry

Chopped Cibulete

Chopped cilantro

1 Tablespoon honey bee

2 Spoonfuls brown sugar

350 Ml of coconut milk

Red pepper finely cut


Spoonful sesame oil

Spoonful soy oil

The method

Cut the chicken in cubes; add the lemon juice, the garlic and the salt and reserve.

In a big pan or in a Chinese pan (wok), put the sesame oil and the soy oil

Heat the oil and put the cut shallots, .sweat until they are transparent.

Add the chicken, without the lemon juice and to continue sautéing until this cooked.

Put a tablespoon of honey and brown sugar

Then put the curry and mix well.

To finish adding the coconut milk lets him to take body and sprinkle with the fresh pepper and the cut cilantro.

Accompany with white rice. The rice that I chose is a Thasmin, very aromatic and delicious rice or it can be with Basmati, a rice native of India and Pakistan, famous for its aroma with long and fine grain, and dry flavor. If your choice is Basmati, remember it. is a kind of rice with a lot of starch and it is easy to be over boiled


Kelly Mahoney said...

What beautiful presentation!

Anh said...

Lovely dish! I love the way you presented it, too.

Sylvia said...

Thank you Kelly

Thank you Anh you are so kind

marye said...

Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mallow said...

It sounds delicious, and your presentation was beautiful!

Diane said...

I agree that deciding what to cook is the biggest challenge. Your blog is a great inspiration. Fotografias hermoso!! o hermosa?