29 Sep 2007

Almond and Vanilla cake

Yesterday afternoon I pick up the phone. I don’t recognize the voice., but I pretend that I know who is. After a few seconds thinking and my brain started to burn, I finally recognize who is talking on the other side. Is a friend of mine, one of the few that I had here.

She asks me if I will be in home in Saturday afternoon .As today (Saturday) they come to install my split-up for the living room, I will stay all afternoon in my place . Yes, we buy other, because after the experience of last summer in what the heats were awful and the only one that we had was in the bedroom, we decide to buy other. So, I thought in made a cake, to receive her. It was a long time that I not made anything sweet. As I had a few of almond flour, I thought in made it with vanilla and almonds, I was inspired by the recipe of English cake that I found into the Osvaldo Gross’s book, I could make ( my tins are to smaller) two and I found fantastic as to come with a cup of tea or coffee.

250 G f butter (room temperature)

220 confectionery’s sugar

30 G honey or glucose

1 lemon zest

1 spoon (coffee) vanilla essence

100G egg yolks or 5 units

120 G eggs or two units

250 G purpose flour

80G corn starch

15 G baking powder

150G almonds flour (or peel almonds and put them in the blender)

Mix up the butter with sugar and glucose until to obtain a pale mixture.

Incorporate the lemon zest, the vanilla and the yolks one by one, make it in the same way with the two eggs Beat until obtaining a homogeneous concoction. Add the flour, almonds flour, the r baking powder and the corn starch. Mix, but don’t over batten, the concoction should be flat. Put in pudding tins and put pieces of almonds to decorate. Take in medium temperature oven until this gilding. Retire and sprinkle with confectioner’s sugar.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Looks beautiful, I wouldn't mind having some right now!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That looks so delicious Sylvia! Almond and Vanilla are one of my most favorite flavor combinations!

Paola said...

Yum! Sounds fantastic! I have about a ton of ground almonds which I purchased in France this summer. This looks like something I'll want to make!


Cynthia said...

You are such a good hostess.

Sylvia said...

Kelly Thanks is a great cake,really.

jenn ,is mine too

Paola,you really must try had a wonderful flavor.

Cynthia Thanks you are so sweet

Anonymous said...

So beautifully done! Sylvia, your cake is excellent.

Gloria said...

Sylvia, super lindo tu blog, que entretenido es todo esto. me encanta!!! Por lo que estuve leyendo eres de Sao Paulo Brasil!!! Me encanta Brasil, hace hartos años estuve en Rio de Janeiro, es precioso, y me encantò la comida tambièm, y las frutas, una maravilla. Que gusto conocerte Sylvia, cariños, Gloria

PUNTIYO said...

Ojeo con frecuencia tu excelente blog.
Me encantan especialmente las magníficas fotos.

Gloria said...

Querida Sylvia, no te preocupes si no tienes muchas amigas como tu dices en Buenos Aires, tienes miles de amigos en la red, te lo aseguro, y aquì tienes una amiga cuando quieras charlar. Me encanta el portugues es un idioma tan lindo.Voy a tratar de recuperar mi diccionario de posrtugues, lo prestè y ...tu sabes. cariños Gloria

Sylvia said...

Puntiyo Tambien me gusta leer el tuyo.Gracias por ojearlo siempre.

Gloria ,muchisimas Gracias .Si esto de blogera me gusta mucho encuentro personas muy interesantes.Tambien siento mucha falta de las frutas.
besos y gracias por el cariño

Hillary said...

That cakes sounds like it has the best flavor combination ever! Mmm...and with the jam! You're killing me here.