7 Aug 2007

Strawberries Batida, on vacations

Strawberries Batida

For who know Brazil knows about the infinity of fruits that exist there. It is very ordinary find natural juices in any place, squeezed or beaten at once. The batida is a drink that contains a part of cachaça (pronounced cashaza) that is an alcoholic beverage made with sugar cane juice, fresh fruits and a part of condensed milk. Everything is put in a blender with ice and the result is Batida, in fact it means something like a shake. In any beach or bar is easily to find in all Brazil and can made with any fruit. As now it is strawberries season I decided to make a strawberries batida The batida also comes well to make it with one part of coconut milk, cachaça and condensed milk. Another that is very good, is make it with peanut butter. The liquor can be substituted by vodka. But be careful it seems inoffensive....but is pretty alcoholic.

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