31 Aug 2007

Cauliflower pudding and Bacon

It is curious the way how we react ahead to the critics and rejections. There are people that become sad and angry they complain and they don't know how to fight with the frustration and they feel not well for that reason. Others which critic don't have problem them a lot and they continue their life without giving a lot of importance to those types of things. Some days ago I received a critic in one of the groups of photo that I participate. It was a completely hard and a little aggressive critic, in the principle I frustrate myself and I became very upset. I, first of all, thought that the feel was personal and my first reaction was not to think more of that; but I didn't, and I was thinking that the composition was not really very good. And in nastiness of the aggressive way with which it was made I should see it as something constructive Wise that it could have better. In fact it was that I made in this simple example. I always make a cauliflower pudding, very simple in a refractory glass pan and with bacon itched in top .So that, of this time I thought to make it in individual molds and to serve as first plate and don't eat like side dish , the result leaves myself satisfied. Perhaps don't have the shine of brilliant idea, once I don't have the gift, but I know that I gave the best of me and with that I be peaceful. I believe to be important that we know that independently of we make, we’ll be aware to accepting critics and let us make the thing in the possible, the best way we will be. Just in this way with the peacefully soul that we made the best that we could

Cauliflower pudding and Bacon

300 g of fresh or frozen cauliflower

2 Big eggs

1 Small onion

10g melted butter

20 g bacon


Black milled pepper



Boil the cauliflower until this soft one with some salt.

Process together with the onion and mix with the eggs, the butter, the nutmeg and the salt

To take to the oven in bain Maríe in individual molds, or individual molds for soufflé

Bake into 220 C for aprox. 25 minutes or until acquires pudding consistency. Put the bacon, previously cooked in the microwaves until this crispy. Cut it or fix it like in the photo

I hope you enjoy


Kelly Mahoney said...

Some people out there are jerks -- don't let it get to you. I've never thought about cauliflower as a pudding, but cauliflower and bacon sounds delicious.

Isha said...

wow cauliflower pudding, absolutely new to me. its looks fantastic!