2 Jul 2007

Tartar Fruit with Cherries yoghurt

I want to make a fresh dessert for the dinner made. I made a potatoes millefeuile and leeks to accompany a roasted meat. I found that the best option . A fruits salad with cherries yoghurt.

For the Fruit Salad

Cut in small cubes






Avocado and a pineapple

For the cherries yogurt

A glass of natural yoghurt without sugar

50 grs. Maraschino cherries with the syrup, liquefy everything


In a Margarita glass put some syrup of cherries. Put the metal hoop and fill it with the preparation of fruits. Overturn the yoghurt and retire the hoop carefully.

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Oh for the love of food! said...

Sylvia, what a gorgeous looking dessert! you've captured the colors of the fruit and the cherry yoghurt beautifully.What camera do you use?

Kelly Mahoney said...

What a beautiful summer dish! A great way to use up various fruits.

Sylvia said...

Hi Carol,Thanks.I use a Lumix (Panasonic) DMC-LZ5.Is a great camera for me.Easy to use and with a lot of ressurce.

Kelly .Yes,is a very refreshing dish

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That looks so beautiful , Sylvia!