12 Jun 2007

Mille feuilles de pommes de terre et Poireaux

Potato Mille feuilles and Leeks

2 pounds potatoes or about 4 big potatoes

1 pound leeks

4 tablespoons melted butter

1 cup withe dry wine (200 ml)

Fresh rosemary

Ground black Pepper


Peel the potatoes without washing and neither leave in water, because the starch will unite them. Cut in slices

Cut the leek in circles and undo them.

In a pan grease with butter, prepare the potatoes, sprinkle

with salt, pepper and leaves of rosemary. Put a litter of leeks in a uniform way and drip some drops of melted shortening

To continue the litters until finishing in potatoes, paint with butter melted, salt, pepper and leaves of rosemary .Put the white wine on the whole preparation

Take to the oven until gilding.

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