10 Jul 2007

Chicken with vegetables and cous cous vegetables.

Yesterday was here a traded atypical ( Independence Day) day in Buenos Aires. Not it snowed since 1918 in the city of Buenos Aires, yes it snows in Argentina and enough, but not in the City of Buenos Aires. For me it was an emotion, I had already seen the snow in some countries and here in the south of the country, but I had never seen when it falls, as the flakes of snow , they float in the air, truly beautiful. It was an unique experience in my life.

The day was favorable for something hot, of pot. I had a package of Moroccan cous cous , chicken in the refrigerator, also some vegetables. In what I am? In a chicken with vegetables and cous cous also with vegetables. I used my iron pan that in accordance with the specialists contributes with iron to the food and it is easier to cook because it maintains the heat and it consumes less energy, and no way of the flavor that that pot type gives to the food....wonderful!!!

Chicken with vegetables and cous cous vegetables.

1 Kg chicken

250 Grams. Sweet red pepper

2 cut zucchinis

4 or five flowers of broccoli

3 Tablespoons of fresh corn in grains

150 grs de cherie tomatos

2 garlic dive

A pinch salt and pepper

First to boil the chicken

In a pan to anoint with olive oil or common oil, put the vegetables and the cooked chicken until it is gilded.

For the cous cous

To moisten of agreement with the instructions. In a pot to put on vegetables that you likes. I opted for green beans, pumpkins and carrots babies, but they can be common carrots. After having boiled sautéed with butter and I mixed to the cous cous , corrected the salt and the pepper.

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Kelly Mahoney said...

Mmmmm, I love couscous. It's just so filling and you made it looks so fancy.

Orchidea said...

wow... it was snowing...? Nice, Ilike snow and I see it a lot here in Sweden... the winter is always white... so nice!

Sylvia said...

Thank Kelly

Yes Orchidea is so nice and lovly see the snow falling.I suppose that in Sweden is so beatiful the winter.

Kelly Mahoney said...

What a beautiful, hearty meal for such weather.

Agdah said...

Imagino a felicidade geral com a neve, hein? Adorei a receita.

Marcinha Sampa said...

Oi Amiga!!!!

Finalmente paro para dar um oi no seu blog, que está cada vez mais lindo.

Que inveja dessa neve toda ai....

Beijo, beso!

Sylvia said...

Marcinha,que bom te ver por aqui,adorei sua vista.Beijos