21 Jun 2007

Radish with blue cheese and radichetta Sandwich

The radish is a tuber, with many properties to the health. To be something spicy it is very good as antiseptic, and, good to eat in winter to combat the cold and the flu .Had a lot of iron, carotene and vitamins C and B. For all that and because today I ate lunch alone I get ready this sandwich. Buy field bread, quite common here. Some radichetta leaves and some blue cheese in a bread slice put some mustard with grains (ancienne) In the other slice put the other ingredients. Is delicious, for these cold days.

2 slice bread

A spoonful mustard

2 spoonfuls cream cheese

1 spoonful blue cheese

1 teaspoon oil do olive

Black pepper

Cut the radishes in fine slices

Smash the blue cheese and mix with the cream cheese together with the olive oil, mill the pepper and use

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Kelly Mahoney said...

I like this rustic approach to light summer lunch. Besides, if I don't get carbs at a meal, I'm bound to get cranky.

Betty Jo said...

This sandwich is so pretty! All your photos are beautiful. The taste combinations of your sandwich sound wonderful and I will definitely try it. Perfect for these warm summer days.

Cynthia said...

I like radishes but never realised that they were so good for you. Sandwich is yummy.

Agdah said...

Menina, que lindo seu blog!!!

Mallow said...

I've been baking sweet stuff all evening (and sneaking plently of bites). Now I would pay a million bucks to have that beautiful sandwich. And your photos are gorgeous! This is my first visit to your blog, and I will definitely keep checking back!

Oh for the love of food! said...

Sylvia, you make food Beautiful!

Sylvia said...

Kelly,I think the same,carrbs energize me.

Betty Jo.Thamks.And is perfect,in my opinion,for all year

Cynthia,I learn and I aproved that chesse with radish is a good combination

Agdah Obrigada pelo elogio

Mallow,I do the same when I baked sweets stuffs I don't resist and snaking...Thanks for the coment and I hope see you more time here

Thank you Carol