19 Jun 2007

Green Ravioli with pink Sauce and Parmesan with Parma Toast

I love italian cook, and I really enjoy made pasta,this dish I made last sunday,

with time ,and the cold wheather helps to enjoy with a red burgundy

For the pasta

500 Grams purpose flour

3 Big eggs

200 grams boiled and processed spinach

1 pinch of salt

Mix the eggs with the boiled dry and processed spinach and to put it the flour

Knead until it is an elastic bun, if it is sticky, put a little bit of flour and to work her

For the filler

100 grs of fresh ricotta

50 grs grated Mozzarella

50 grated parmesan



1 egg white

For the sauce

5 Tomatoes

1 Cup of water

1 Onion

1 Clove of garlic



100mls cream Fraicher


Cut the onion and the tomato in cubes

Sweat the onions and the garlic. Add the tomatoes

Put it the water and boil until the tomato comes undone .Strain the preparation of tomatoes and increase the crème fraicher, Put salt and pepper

Take boil until acquiring consistency

Toasts of Parmesan and parma

4 Slices of bread

100 grs of Parmesan

100 grs very fine slices of Parma ham

Cut the bread in slices and to put a slice of cheese, another slice of bread and a parma slice and another litter of bread .grease with the sauce and gild it in olive oil

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Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey Sylvia, You are making me so hungry! I love the look of your pasta and your brownies are just perfect!

Truffle said...

Oh this looks absolutely delicious! Lovely photos :)

Cynthia said...

Sylvia this looks like something out of a restaurant! So good.

Sylvia said...

Carol thanks .

I love cook ,but I'm enjoy take the photos too.

Yes, I'm smart now.And I separe a dish to take the photo,then my husband don't eat cold...;)