17 Jun 2007

Colorful Salad

As today is no much cold, I resolved make this salad like entrance. The mixture of onions with oranges makes it very interesting because one annuls the acidity of the other ones The exotic touch gives it to him the curry little bit

Rocket (argula)

Tomatoes cherry





Cut the vegetables and put them in litters, peel the oranges and remove them the skin

For the seasoning



Apple vinegar


Mix all ingredients and spread them for the salad


Cynthia said...

While it was a cold day today for you, you certainly brightened it up with that colour bowl of salad.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Sylvia, what a bright and colorful salad! It is a centre piece in itself . Lovely!
Oh and thanks for linking me to your blog, I am honored.

Anonymous said...

first time here....you have a great blog...love the salad...so so colurful...thanks for sharing

Sylvia said...

Cynthia how sweet you are,thank you

Carol thanks and you welcome

Dilip thank you ,and i hope see you more times here