31 May 2007

Rocket lettuce Salad ,whith grilled figs and goat cheese

4 mature figs

1 bunche of rocket lettuce

20 gr pine nuts

40 gr fresh goat cheese

Balsamic Aceto

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Cut the figs lengthways and grill with a thread of olive oil, add a tablespoon of aceto and continuous grill.Wash and dry the rocket, seasoned and put the oil with aceto in that the figs were grilled. And then put the figs overhead with smashed cheese and the pine nuts

Tip: If you don’t have pine nut ,use nuts smashed


Pamela said...

Hola Sylvia!! Mira quién habla de creatividad!! gracias en todo caso por su comentario tan halagador. Esta idea de figos com rucula me parece que voy a probar muy pronto, aqui consigo todos los ingredientes!!!

Comprendo muy bien su "saudade" y mucho más ahora en invierno! paciencia, ya pasará!!

Truffle said...

This sounds absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This makes me want to cry it is so beautiful. If only I could find fresh figs!!! I moved 6 months ago and there are no fresh figs in site...that makes me want to cry to, but in a totally different way!


Alphabet Salad said...

Thanks for dropping by my site (you're the first visitor, I think!) Your salad looks terrific! Figs go really well with rucola. I also love them with a few paper-thin slices of parma ham - great on a summer day.

Sylvia said...

Pamela ,si todabia tenemos algunos meses de frio,pero desde ahora ,já estoy contando los que faltan para la primevera.Gracias por tu visita.Y que tengas un bien Domingo

Truffle Thank you very much.And thanks for your visit

Jenn I´m glad ´... I think (your cry) it was for my recipe :).Fig are delicius .I´m lucky for have a lot in this moment.Have a nice Sunday

Alphabet Salad
I never tried whith Parma,but I have two more on the refrigerator ,and maybe tomorrow I'll try tomorrow,and thanks for your visit
Have a sunny sunday for me :)