16 Aug 2011

Two salads and thinking on spring

I have told a thousand times as I hate winter and as spring is my favorite season of the year.

Today coming back from spinning with my classmates commented that was seeing sprouts in some trees, I confess I have not seen them.

But I seen  how the day is dawning earlier, now clear before 8 am.

So I left the gym and went straight to buy some things, and so, after taking a shower  stay  calm before starting to prepare lunch

So I enter the market, and I found this lovely radish sprouts  and as I love all kinds of sprouts, was the  first thing I got into my shopping cart

I do not cheat  myself when i buy these spice and beauty sprouts that gave a finishing touch to my salads.

And so the day was looking pretty (finally warmth) that inspired me to make some salads. One was with Patagonic baby potatoes roasted with rosemary and quail eggs

The other salad was poached  egg on toast with sweet paprika and oregano, arugula and radish sprouts, dressed with white truffle oil, walnuts and balsamic vinegar.

And with the leftovers, improvise a sandwich topped with cheddar and radish prouts, delicious!
But nothing is forever. This week, again it is cold and cloudy  and it seems that the weekend will be too.
Have a nice week.


quinn said...

Lovely! Now I am very hungry.

I hope your weather brightens up soon :)

Dzoli said...

Yes seeing your salad I think of spring too which hopefully will arrive here in a month(according to the calendar).Although we had unusually snowfall yesterday.First one here since 1939:)

Bev Weidner said...

That. Is. Gorgeous!

Mari said...

Isn't the world wonderful...you are entering spring were as we are entering autumn :) I love the salads you created, healthy and light yet very satisfying.

Have a great day!

Lori Lynn said...

Sylvia - you can combine the simplest of ingredients to look gourmet.