5 Jul 2011

Go dip

We love , at evening, to open a good bottle of wine accompanied  with some toasts an spreads. Sometimes its works as a  light dinner. So, simple , so rich .
If some left , I freeze and it so can be used for a sunny weekend, when I cant do nothing , just spend time under the sun.


200 g goat cheese
1 thread olive oil
Half lemon juice
1 garlic clove chopped
Fresh thyme 
Satl and fresh ground pepper


    With a fork smash cheese add olive oil and lemon juice.
    Cut fresh thyme and mix with garlic add to the cheese mix and mix well
    Check pepper and salt , put on a small bowl  and tighten 
     Take to the fridge   and unmold before serving


    Ana Rita said...

    Que fotos maravilhosas...os olhos comem primeiro, mas decertezo que o paladar tb deve ser maravilhoso!


    Bev Weidner said...

    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. (that was hard)

    Making it this week. Love it!

    bellini said...

    It sounds so refreshing!!!

    Kelly said...

    This goat cheese dip looks delicious and your pictures are gorgeous!

    My Little Space said...

    Ooo..what a delicious dip this is! Hope I can have some right now. :o)
    Have a great day, dear.

    That's Ron said...

    nice ....looks great!

    Mari said...

    Se ve delicioso!!!

    Un saludo

    Marly said...


    Isto deve ser uma delícia, salivei rsrs. Adoro queijo de cabra e este dip fica firmezinho e com estes temperos, huumm.

    Um beijo!

    Claudia said...

    I like to do the exact same thing. What gorgeous photos. You now have me scouring my fridge looking for some nice, fresh goat cheese!

    Anonymous said...

    You make me hungry.

    Custom koozies said...

    Great pictures, I bet it tastes as good as it looks

    Kelly @ Kell's Kitchen said...

    ¡qué bárbaro! Me gusta mucho el queso de cabra y me parece muy fácil esta receta.

    Elaine said...

    Hi, Sylvia! Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is beautiful. I love the colors in that first photo!