5 Apr 2011

For a better world

When we go to the farmer´s market  or those places that have those wonderful fruits, cheeses or even those so delicate and tasty, jams, flowers, as well. As when we ng  preparing a salad hardly stop to think of people who are behind of this.

They are peoples and families, who often make off everything to live the dream of a  most natural life, healthier and more close to nature. But it is a hard life, leaving aside the compensation , it depends on weather and a number of factors that are often unknown.

Without going too far, for many years during my school, high school and college  vacations , as you see  I spent with my grandmother´s house . I grew up following my grandmother in the large garden she kept at the back of the house,  and I learn a little about plants , fruits, trees. I think I never ate better raspberries and blackberries, as well as the best grapes, spinach and  fava beans.The best I’ve ever eaten to this day. Also remember hearing her claim, in recent years, of drought and the huge amount of rain, she said that  ruins her  beloved little farm

For these things we have the  responsibility to care for our planet, doing something, even if it is a little bit, and  can depend on us to care this beautiful planet that gives us so many good things and  also, care the people that are working for a better world for us, our children and grandchildren.
And therefore important to give our support to sustainable agriculture.

People like Jenn,  a many years  felow blogger,  who  has wrote this post which impressed me, and move myself.  Made ​​me think about many things, awareness, better said.

Have a wonderful week


Helene said...

I can't access the post you are talking about. I clicked on 'post' and it won't open anything.

Love all of your pictures!

Sylvia said...

Helene, Thanks. I fixed it. Please try again Thanks again.

David T. Macknet said...

Beautiful food, as always! Although I don't comment very often, I'm always glad to see your posts.

Mari's Cakes said...

Preciosas las fotos! Y si, es verdad la vida en el campo es difícil. Yo vivo en una finca en un campo de esta isla y ahora mismo hay una sequía, y no llueve. Los frutos cuando esta así no crecen como debido.

Gracias por escribir.

Un saludo

Mike said...

Lovely post. Gracias

Edible Art said...

as usual the pictures are beautiful, and im sure you have a fantastic green-thumb (:

& home grown food gives you a sort of pride, and safe-sense knowing that theyre not grown with pesticides (:

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

Beautiful sentiments, Sylvia. I too grew up following my grandfather around his little garden. Always eating the freshest tomatoes and peppers and herbs! Such precious memories! Thanks so much for linking to my post! *big hugs*

Amelia PS said...

gorgeous blog and photographs! I just "stumbled" here...happy to find you. Now, I am going to browse around :)