13 Mar 2009

Friday’s quick ideas for the week end # 3

Dibujo Are you married? Are you dating? Or do you have a special person in your life that you want a little bit more than a simple friendship? Well, for this Friday my quick idea is romance. Our week was heavy and we came back home tired. Wee arrived everyday late and all that we want was have a shower, eat something quick and go to bed, to start over next morning. And as you know love must be feed too. Is easy to say, Well I ‘m tired, maybe tomorrow I’ll plan something special for us, and the days gone and tomorrow became a year. And one day, provably (I hope no) you wake up and will say- I am boring my marriage is the same all Rose water& Champagne So, how about, make something romantic this week end? Candles, drinks or a good wine and good music as well, It sounds perfect to me. But would I have time to prepare the perfect scenery for this special week end evening? I quickly check my pantry and fridge and found a bottle of champagne. A Christmas’s extra bottle for sure, a few oat meal bread slices, and red caviar. Looks fancy, right? Wrong! I bought it the free shop last January a small glass to decorate some appetizers for my husband’s birthday, now on latest March., and who cares if I open now. And the others ingredients… are just leftovers I saw this drink on my El gourmet..com magazine issue 49 and love it.

Funny Valentine glass . In a glass of champagne pour a dash of rose water and complete with chilled champagne. The recipe asks for pressed granulated sugar hearts, I improvise using fondant sugar hearts. The sugar slowly melts into the drink, is delicious. Finger food This finger food is very easy to prepare. I cute the bread slices into a heart shape. I topped it whit a slice of smoked salmon and a small dice of Brie cheese that I tied with chives. And for finish the evening nothing better than chocolate dessert. Fondue Strawberries and chocolate fondue is a perfect ending for a special night I melt about 100g dark chocolate and mix with a tablespoon of heavy cream and a tea spoon cognac or sherry But remember this is just a suggestion, the main idea is romance. So, let free your imagination, check your fridge and make it happen AddThis Social Bookmark Button


Ginny said...

So cute! I'll have to remember that when my boyfriend is in town! :)

Bellini Valli said...

Everything is perfect for a romantic weekend Sylvia.

Anonymous said...

You have the best ideas!


La cuina vermella said...

tu blog me tiene enamorada, y tus recetas y fotos son lo mejor del mundo. un beso.

Lori Lynn said...

Oh how enchanting Sylvia!
In addition to your culinary skills you are also a terrific couples therapist!

Anonymous said...

We all need romance...a charming post!