6 Nov 2008

New Finds

Scented Candle

This week I went to shop, I found interesting stuffs. Some of them I really need but the two others, well, pure impulse.

One of this was this kitchen candle scent. And it really works out. After dinner I burn it and all food smells are gone. I dislike kitchen candles with pies, vanilla or fruits scents. But this we really enjoy it, often borrow refreshing aromas from fresh herbs to our kitchen

One important advice; be careful with the scent that you choose for burn during a dinner

Vanilla or sweet scents don’t combine with fish or scallops. So if you don’t insist on suffocate the air and your guest as well use unscented or smooth scented candles.

Cocktail sticks

I found these colorful and funny cocktail sticks too. It was pure impulse, I know, but, isn’t lovely?

The summer came early this time; the temperature is on 100°C right now Outside is suffocating!!! So, as I am thirsty, I made this refreshing beverage.

Pomegranate , tea & cardamom

½ cup black tea

½ cup pomegranate seeds blended with cold water (straining)

½ lime juice

½ lime on slices

1 coffee spoon cardamom seeds

Mix all ingredients and serve on the rocks (add sugar if you like)


Laurie said...

I love your swizzle sticks.. it is so hunting and gathering kitchen items.. :) And your spicy iced tea looks yummy and sounds wonderful!

Manggy said...

Very refreshing Sylvia! I'll have to double-check but I think vanilla with scallops might still work, with the right flavors :)

Lori Lynn said...

That tea sounds perfect for a hot day.

I love swizzle sticks. When we were kids we used to collect them from our parents' cocktails when we would go out to dinner. Too bad restaurants don't use them anymore. Those are some cute ones you picked up...

Anonymous said...

You always do some good shopping and find some interesting stuff. ;-)

Thanks for the tips about the candle scents.

You tea does look really good. Now, I'm thirsty.