29 Jan 2008

Courgette Flower (Fior di Zucca)

fior di zucca

My mother in law has a magnificent backyard. She has a lot of aged trees and beautiful flowers, and some grows naturally and they are beautiful.

After lunch we decide to take a walk and chatting. When I was observe the trees, she tell stories about them (some family memories as the

Big White Fir (Abies concolor). That was planted when my husband bon.)

After a while I saw a plant, and ask for her: “Is courgette, don’t it?”

_”Yes, dear” she ask

- Let me show you something - and gently, she opened space truth the leafs and said;

- See, there some fruits almost ripen, and look this beautiful flowers

I bent down, and see the fruits growing down the flowers. She looks at me and said

_You know, are edibles

Yes I know, but I never tasted before, and told to her

She cuts a few, gave to me and said

_ I usually made fried like appetizer, but if you want you can made stuffed too

How these days I had no time to cook complicated dishes, because I started to remodel my kitchen, you know, comparing prices and all these stuffs that I need to do Then, I prefer made simply fried. And I tell you something….is delicious

Wash the courgette flowers carefully, as they are rather fragile. About 10

For the batter

100g self – raising flour or plane.
Pinch of salt
200ml. cold soda water
1 large egg, beaten (organic if possible)
One or two tablespoon olive oil

Mix together the flour, beaten eggs and olive oil, add the water gradually until the desired consistency is obtained.
Coat the flowers in this batter, and fry them gently in olive oil for a few minutes until they are golden. Drain them on kitchen paper.


Natércia said...

Minha linda lá fuz capaz de entrar aqui me desculpe já estou velha para estas coisas de informática agora já sei adorei as flores coisa que eu mais gosto e gustava de encontrar dessas que se comem aqui em Portugal ainda não vi.um beijinho grande Natércia:))

Marizé said...

Finalmente consegui entrar.

E ainda bem, que coisa linda essa flores Silvia.

Eu teria tido pena de as cozinhar, mas devem ter ficado uma delicia a julgar pela receita.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Those are beautiful! My Grandfather used to make these too!

Kevin said...

I have seen courgette flowers on a few blogs but I have never seen them in real life. The fried flowers look good. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way ..to fry them on the stem! I make these also, but you have to make sure all the bees have left the flower first :)

Manggy said...

I've never had them before too. I did see Jamie Oliver stuffing them with ricotta cheese-- beautiful.

I seem to be having problems with your RSS feed at Feedburner-- it doesn't want to display at my computer :/

Dhanggit said...

i still have to wait for summer to buy my courgette flowers to this recipe...this recipe is torturing me..as usual stunning photos!!

Oh for the love of food! said...

Oh Sylvia! These zucchini flowers are absolutely delightful! I've always wanted to try them, but have not seen them around here, unfortunately.

Lori Lynn said...

Great post, I love the story and that you didn't just buy them at the market...beautiful photos, too.

Odete said...

Minha avo italiana costumava fazer essas flores fritas. Boa lembranca. Suas fotos estao lindas. Seu blog e um show de bom gosto. Parabens!

Jenn said...

I found this picture at Tastespotting and came to your blog. Muy bonito! I actually have made stuffed courgette flowers several times on my blog but your photo is better than mine. :-) I was in Argetina last year and loved it so will be reading your blog daily now!

Sylvia said...

Natércia, nao se preocupe, Que bom que gostou sao deliciosas mesmo.

Marizé, sempre quis provar e agora surgiu a aoportunidade

Thanks Jenn

Kevin.I now they blossom in sumer, tey are delicious

Maryann, not a bee, but I saw another tiny bug, unknown , is for that that a wash well. :)

Yes Manngy , That I must, if a like, stuffed with ricotta and anther ingredient that I forgot

Yes Dhanggit ;)

Carol , is a pit...they are beautiful

Lori Lynn Thank you so much for you patient and read.Make my day :)

Obrigada Odete seu blog é muito lindo tambem adorei

Thank you so much for your visit.
Argentina is a beautiful country for sure and I am glad that you enjoy the visit. Welcome to my kitchen...;)

Hillary said...

One day I am going to cook with courgette flowers and I'm only going to hope it turns out as gorgeous as yours!

Half Baked said...

Beautiful pictures! I've had them stuffed with cheese and they are yummy!

Paola said...

Oh how beautiful! I saw them last year at my farmers' market but wasn't daring enough to try them. You've inspired me!