29 Dec 2007

New Things in My Kitchen

Cherry and cristal spoon

I love buy new kitchen utensils and now I have serious space problems to stock them. My husband always said:” When I think that she had all, she always found anything new that she needs” But this is another story.
Yesterday we went to cut my husband hair in a barber shop in the mall, and guess who?
Is in front of a kitchen shop!! And obviously I can’t resist… and like always I bought a lovely glass sauce boat, a garlic (or nutmeg) slicer, and a kind of sieved to made tomato passata.

But the best new thing was my husband’s Christmas present. A red notebook, isn’t he lovely? Now I can stock my photos and recipes in my own PC, I’ll bring it in my travels, and I am so happy and grateful? Cos he knows how much I want this.
Thanks , my love


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

YAY! Congrats to you with all your goodies! I just recently got a laptop too and I love it! Happy New Year Sylvia!

Anthony said...

Tengo el mismo 'notebook' pero, es gris :-)

Cynthia said...

Your husband is such a darling for knowing exactly what to get you to feed your passion. And red - I love that colour. Now I feel like I need to go out and get one :)

Happy new year to you and the family!

Anonymous said...

That top photo is so gorgeous!