2 Nov 2007

Almond apricot with marzipan tarte


When I lived in São Paulo, I had the routine of stopping in the sweet shop Cristallo, after walking for a street to that I liked a lot and in the one that on the way to some shopping.

For me Cristallo is one of the best sweet shops, for the quality and the freshness of its products, drink a good coffee accompanied by a piece of apricots cake was many times the perfect end of an afternoon of shopping in one Saturday.

Amendoas, torta de amendoas

I miss those days as well as the cake also. Not I can say that here in Buenos Aires there are not good pastries. For the contraire, they are very rich, with generous portions (pretty generous, because, I generally divide them with my husband) parts this full of layers and much filled. But, anyway, to feel lack of something is complicated

One day of these I decided to recreate the cake at home. The cake didn’t was exactly same, but it was very good. I believe that if I made it, perhaps, with an ordinary sponge cake the serious most similar result. But it was very good was the first cake of regular size; yes, I always make half recipe of pastries, cookies and flans, there are not this way leftovers; but this it was devoured at home and neither a crumb has been to make history.

The recipe is this

Amendoas juntas

Apricots pie and marzipan


6 Eggs

250 G sugar

6 Tablespoons grated bread

250G milled almonds

Whip the eggs white, join the yolks one by one, add the sugar by spoon one by one two and continue hit until bending the volume. So, increase the grated bread and the nuts mixing carefully. Take hold in regular oven, in a pan covered with butter paper and anointed with butter. Leave to cool down.

For confectioner's cream:

Amendoas creme

3 Yolks

150 G of sugar

3 Spoonfuls of wheat flour

150 Ml. milk

3 Spoonfuls cream, fresh canned (I used fresh cream to 0 % fat)


Bring together the yolks with sugar, and flour, mixed well and add the milk, little by little. Put to the heat and mix until boil. When thickens, leave the heat and add the cream and continued mixing well Hit until to be freshness and fill the tart.

Other ingredients:

6 tablespoon apricot preserve

1 Marzipan package 350 g

1egg white.


Almond ,apricot and marzipan tart

- When the tart is take off the oven and cools down that it lowers a little bit, or take off a little of the interior of the center and give it a torte shape.

- Fill with the cream in a homogeneous way

- Put confectioner's sugar into the marzipan and work until you had a elastic paste .

- Make small cylinders with the marzipan and cut approximately in 6 centimeters. Make semicircles with them and adhere in the side of the torte with the help of a brush and egg white.

- Cut tapes in the torte shape and put them in the vertical position on the cake and cross them in the horizontal line to the style of linzer torte.

- Fill the cells with apricots marmalade, paint with marmalade of the marzipan and become to the oven for gilding the marzipan


Flor de Sal said...

What a lovely pie! My good!!!

linda said...

This sounds and looks like a very delious cake/pie! I love the marzipan circles on the sides!

Peter M said...

I love marzipan and this looks like I can tackle this dessert.

Paola said...

Hola Gloria,

Tu postre se ve riquisimo, pero siempre me dejas anonadada con tu fotografia tan hermosa.



Cynthia said...

Sylvia, I wish I lived next door to you so that I could enjoy some of these treats :)

Mallow said...

That looks delicious!

Gloria said...

Puede que me repita, pero es verdad, la receta se ve deliciosa!!! y las fotos (como siempre) espectaculares, te felicito amiga, xxxGloria

myfrenchkitchen said...

I love fruit tarts and this looks so good!