26 Nov 2007

After the “asado”, the alfajores arrives

alfagores capa port

Yesterday at the end of the day I was watering my plants and flowers, and I felt the aroma of the firewood afire, quickly I thought "Is officially open the “asado” (Barbecue) season. " Although, here, there´s no bad time to make a good BBQ. Reminds me a TV commercial in a man watching a beautiful day says "Today is a good day for a BBQ" The weather and the man are substitute for another landscape and the weather is changing , until the last man in a stormy day l looks happy at his wife and said: ”This is a good day for a BBQ”End of the story . There´s no bad time for "asado" here

After the “asado” the Argentinean passion are the soccer, the maté, dulce the lech custard (flan) and talfajores. The alfajor is easy to make, basically it consists on padded circles of sweet pastry filled with dulce de leche and sprinkle with icing sugar , to these I have made them, having inspired by those that we buy at FranciscaA, but to these I adds them nuts. Hope you like

Nuts Alfajores


For the dought

300G wheat flour

100 G butter in room temperature

7 spoonful icing sugar

1 coffee spoon baking soda

1 coffee spoon baking powder

50 G blended nuts

1 Egg yolk

Mix the dry ingredients and increase the butter. Mixed well

And add the egg yolk. And mix again until obtain a homogeneous dough

Make a ball with the dough and cover with aluminium foil, or film foil, and let rest in the fridge for thirty minutes to an hour.

Roll the dough and cut circles of 4cm or 1, 97 inches of diameter for 0, 15 inches high.

Take to the oven at 180º C during 15 minutes until that is gilded below.

Filled with dulce de leche.

This recipe made around 12 big disks, but, can be cut smaller and they will be 24 disks or 12 alfajores


linda said...

I love alfajores! I think I love everything with dulce de leche ;)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That just sounds too good, Sylvia! I think I need to come to Argentina. I love mate, flan and dulce de leche! And a good BBQ - I can never say no!

Sylvia said...

Linda , me too.

Jenn , maybe in other life you born here...Mate???I don´t like to much. But the BBQ is the best .

Manggy said...

I'd never seen alfajores before. They look great! I just did a barbecue last weekend in the rain, under some shade. No bad time for barbecue!

Dhanggit said...

beautifully rendered...never tasted alfajores but from the look of it..sounds heavenly :-)

Anonymous said...

At the end of this entry, what do you mean with "before the stocking hour in the less ones". Can you please explain in other words, what I do after I wrap the dough in plastic? - do I leave it in the fridge for one hour? before cutting... "Take the concoction to the refrigerator wrapped in plastic film before the stocking hour in the less ones.

-thanks for the help, I LOVE alfajores!!! thanks for the lovely recipe.

Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

Manggy, Me and all Argentinians agree with you.

Dahnggit : You must be try.

Anonymous: Thanks a lot for the advice I made the updates there.Please next time let your name.
Thanks again

Mar said...

Deliciosos!!!, me encantan los alfajores con masa de nuez, se ven super tentadores!!!
Felicitaciones por tu blog y tus fotos, son fantásticas!!!