26 Oct 2007

Peaches in trees

Peches delight

But, isn’t in my table, yet. In these days I began to see the firsts peaches in grocers, but they are not still those of summer, juicy and sweet. As here at home, we liked peaches and a lot and as I was invited by Mansi Desai to the event of the month AFAM, I decided to make this dessert that I usually make it with fresh peaches. I was inspired by classic Uruguayan desert: "Chajá." (Pronounces Tsha-ha)

The name is due to an autochthonous Uruguayan bird, very light and bountiful plumage. Inspired by those adjectives the Dessert was born as Chaja. The original recipe consists on a layer of sponge cake; creamily combing, with meringue and peaches. To the cream I modified it and I increased white chocolate melted to the cream combing

You will need a round cutter to cut the sponge cake, it can be big if it is worth for many people or individual person as I used, and these produce 6 pieces

Peaches Delight


Your favorite sponge cake recipe

1 Can of peaches in syrup or 1 k fresh peaches, peeled cut in cubes

peaches and flowers

For the cream

350G cream or heavy cream

3 spoonful condensed milk

150G white chocolate

150G smashed meringues


Peaches.white chocolate

Melt the chocolate in bain Maríe

or in microwaves around. 60 seconds

Whip the cream

Increase condensed milk

Add the smashed meringues

Put the melted chocolate and mix everything in the slow movements.


Cut in circles the sponge cake

Wet with the syrup of the peaches, or make a syrup and put peaches liquor like peach tree

Cover with peaches, and a layer of cream. Do the same thing until finish all ingredients end with peaches.

Take to the refrigerator by some hours before serving,


Kelly Mahoney said...

That's such a lovely dish. I don't know how I can compete with that!

Mansi Desai said...

Hey this is lovely!! I'm making something similar too:) thanks so much for taking time to make something specially for my event...I love it!!

Peter M said...

I'm in awe....this is so decadent!

Cedar said...

Wow, that looks so, so, so incredibly delicious!

Gloria said...

Querida Sylvia, este postre de duraznos se ve maravilloso, quisiera probarlo ya, me encantan los duraznos de todo tipo, pero ademàs me impesionan tus fotos,cariños Gloria

Orchidea said...

Beautiful dessert!!! I love peaches!

Valentina said...

This is a lovely dish! i am a big fan o peaches.

ovenhaven said...

This looks so lovely! I came across your Flickr page yesterday, and I absolutely love your photos. Keep up the great work! :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That looks absolutely GORGEOUS Sylvia! I love it!

Julie said...

Wow, how lovely and delicious! Sponge cake, meringues, white chocolate, and peaches ... that sounds so appealing!