20 Oct 2007

Let's celebrate....with a strawberry tart.......

Torta de morangos

Carlos from Laborotario de cocina offered me an award. The thinking blogger was felts me very proud to receive. Is an award given to the blogs that makes we think. .Carlos in your own words wrote:

"Sylvia: because in each stops she surprised me, for the beauty of your photos and the quality of her dishes."

I was very happy, and proud, because each entry took me a lot of time and dedication, in fact all that I want is offer to my readers something beauty for the eyes and savory for the taste.

The rules of the award are the following:

If you receive this awards you must writes a message and include 5 blogs that makes you think.
Made in your post a link to
Ilker, then you find the beginning of the awards Optional:
Show with proud

My choices are :

Orchidea from Viaggi and sapori. Was the first blogs that I “discover” and visit. Also for the beauty of their photos and the informative quality, mainly of the Italian food, with this blog I learn more about Italian cuisine that I like so much.

Nina from Goumandise, for the quality of their texts and elections of restaurants and gastronomical and ecological tracks in São Paulo

Carol from Oh !the love of food for her charming way that she wrote and for make me discover that I found out Australia and their fabulous trips that I learn a lot.

Kelly the Culinarian, for their impressive investigation of eating and gastronomic researches around some states in USA

Paola from in my life for their sensibility with art and for the things that I have been learning about Holland

Rose from Bocados Dulces y salados for her Spanish stunning cuisine

To commemorate these awards I made this delicious strawberries tart and with the leftover pastry I made some cheese snacks

Strawberry Tart

torta de morangos com palitos atrás

The tart is really easy to made, with delicate taste

A leafed of puff pastry that you can buy or made like this recipe

For the Crème patissier

3 eggs Yolks

150 G of sugar

3 spoonful wheat flour

150 Ml milk

3 Tablespoons cream Fresh or canned (I used fresh, fat 0 %)

Strawberries the necessary one

2 tablespoons melted strawberries jam (I used rosehip)


Torta de morangos ,massa

Cut the pastry in the same size of your tin Leave to the oven until golden.

Retire and wait until cold

For the crème patissier

torta de morangos tres fotos

Bring together the yolks with sugar, and flour, mixed well and add the milk, little by little. Put to the heat and mix until boil. When thickens, leave the heat and add the cream and continued mixing well Hit until to be freshness and fill the tart.

Put over the cream the strawberries cute in fan and painting with the melted jelly.

stawberry tart and  paint

With the leftover pastry I cut in small rectangles and twisted. I paint each one with olive oil and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.

torta de morango sticks


Peter M said...

Stunning photo and it looks decadent and delicious!

Anonymous said...


Demorei alguns segundos para ligar os fatos e saber que você era do 'La vida en Buenos Aires y afines'. As fotos do seu blog são estupendas, criatividade transbordando. Gostaria que você selecionasse para mim uma ou duas matérias (com as fotos, é claro) com aquelas receitas que só você o segredo e a magia para divulgar no meu bloguinho. Sabe, a palavra que mais se aproxima da sua arte é 'magia em estado puro'


aka Blogger Blogger

Flor de Sal said...

Simplesmente lindo!!!!

Luci said...

Parabéns amiga!!!
Seu blog está cada vez melhor!!!
As fotos são lindas e as receitas de dar água na boca!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Thanks for the award, Sylvia, I'm glad you think so highly of my blog!

Paola said...

Thanks a bunch, Sylvia! That really means a lot! :)



PS: Tart looks fantastic!!

pipoka said...

Uma receita deliciosa, acompanhada por lindíssimas fotos...as always!

Cynthia said...

Sylvia my dear friend, congratulations on the award, you really deserve it.

The tart is soooooo good.

Marizé said...

Fantástico esse doce, as fotos são reamente artisticas.
Também gostei do que você fez com as sobras da massa.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

You totally deserve that award! I agree with Carlos completely!

That tart looks so good and creamy!

Sylvia said...

Peter Thanks

Claudia, te agradeço muito.

Flor de Sal, obrigada

Lucy obrigada amiga

Kelly I really appreciate your blog

Paola ,you welcome

Obrigada, Pipoka

Thanks a lot my dear friend Cynthia

Obrigada Marize, com as sobras vc pode polvilhar com sementes de sesamo ou o que vocè gostar
e duram bastante se guardadas em uma lata bem fechada.

Jenn ,nice to see you, I miss your post and tips

Ana Maria said...

Sylvia, parabéns pelo premio!
Seu blog me inspira demais, com suas fotos lindas e receitas deliciosas.

Sylvia said...

Ana Maria ,muito obrigada,adorei seu recadinho carinhoso.

myfrenchkitchen said...

A reward well deserved! Your blog is beautiful, with wonderful photos and mouthwatering recipes!

Oh for the love of food! said...

Oh Sylvia! Your Strawberry Tart is to die for! and I just love your series of photos!
Thanks again for the 'Thinking Blogger' award - I couldn't download it for some reason. Maybe you can tell me how to do this and I will put it on my next post.
I just put up a post on my 13 year old daughter's fabulous batch of brownies, I'm sooooo proud of her!

Ashley said...

So beautiful. Your pictures are amazing and recipes are delectable! Thanks for sharing!
Check out my Travel Blog!

Anonymous said...
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