30 Oct 2007

Flowers in vases


Today at eight in the morning I have receiving a beautiful bouquet composed by pink gerberas daisy, salmon iris, mini white gerberas ; they came accompany with a personal card. They belonged to my husband to remember that ours wedding’s anniversary.

I adore flowers. And I have pleasure of making flower arrangements in all occasions, as well liking to have fresh flowers at home. With part of these flowers I made this floral arrangement in rose

You need:

A flat vase

3 Gerberas

1 Mini gerbera

Two white daisies or soft rose

1 Cortadeira of the pampas leaves

Gardening scissors

Metal support for flowers

You must cut the stream of the gerbera in diagonal form and leave her with approximately 3, inches of height, cut the other ones two in the same way with some less ones inches each one, Whit this kind of cut you must give movement, creating a funny arrangement. In the otherwise you can create a boring piece.

Cuts the mini lower gerbera to leave in the base.

Spit in the support and cut the cortadeira s in the same way and put behind each

flower following the size and to give a shade effect. Launching inside the vase and put the clean water

Flowers in vases

Tip: change the water every day and cut a small part of the stream flower. With that, you arrangement will reach more time.

If you don’t find cortadeira de los pampas you may use light bamboo


Anonymous said...

Olha que que bela surpresa!
E meus parabéns ao casal.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Oh Sylvia! you can do flower arrangements too? What other talents do you have that I don't already know about? They look amazing! I display fresh flowers at home everyday too, they brighten up the place and makes me happy!
By the way, I've tagged you with a meme, and I've got an award for you too!

Sylvia said...

Bruno ,muito obrigada.

Carol, Yes I do, I paint walls too,and other little things. :)
Thanks so much for the award and I post the meme as soon as I can I have more one post to publish . Thanks again you are so kind

Gloria said...

Sylvia I think you are an artist!!Happy Anniversary!!! and the flowers are sooo beauty. xxxGloria

Cynthia said...

Your husband is such a darling! Happy Anniversary darling, never mind my wishes are late.

Blessings for many more years of happy togetherness.

Anonymous said...

Tudo muito lindOOOO!

Giacomo said...

Obrigado pela vista e pelo comentário.
Já fiz um link para tua casa.

Susan said...

There is something about a gerbera, the deeply saturated color, like velvet. A beautiful, Asian-inspired arrangement, Sylvia. Happy Anniversary!