24 Sep 2007

Lazzy cook

September is for us a month with many birthdays, just in the family there are three This weekend we had one on Saturday (that of my husband's cousin) and a baptism party on Sunday.There was a lot of time that were not babies in the family and have one is always a joy bless. As a result my habitual incursion for the kitchen in the week ends was lazy .Go shopping Wake up late and to go to bed later…So, my time in the kitchen became short.

As I had some leftover asparagus, some Serrano ham, at once I thought to make something slight as a soup. I also used some smoked garlic that I discovered in the market. I can’t see innovations that I always buy them, I don’t know my consumerism that I have or it is my Gemini sign that makes me tempt with all novelties. Anyway I never resist to new things. The soup was very rich, but the smoked garlic leave a lot, little flavor and almost feel the smoky flavor.

Asparagus soup with raw ham and smoked garlic

250 G fresh asparagus

200 Ml milk

50 Ml water

½ onion

100g raw ham (Serrano, Parma or similar.)

Slices of toasted bread

2 smoked garlic clove sweat in olive oil

Olive oil




Wash the asparagus, cut out the hard part and cut it in pieces. Take them boil with water and salt. When still soft .Pull out and to process.

In a pan sauté the onion and add it to the processed asparagus concoction, put the milk and boil a wile Add salt and pepper.
Take to the oven the ham slices, cook in medium temperature until the slices are crispy, cut and put them on the soup, as well as the golden garlic and a thread of oil to perfume. Accompany with a slice of bread with roasted ham.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Beautiful decorations, by the way! I as well am feeling rushed to cook, but I have to eat sometime :)

Anh said...

This is not lazy cooking at all! Your approach to food and styling is magnificent! I really appreciate it.

Pamela said...

QUerida Sylvia: Estoy también perezosa para visitar, prometo venir más seguido, me encanta tu blog, de verdad está muy bueno.

¿Ajos ahumados? ¡¡¡yo quiero!!!

besos y abrazos

Half Baked said...

Your soup looks so good! I can't wait until asparagus is in season here!

Cynthia said...

I always enjoy your pictures and the soups sounds delicious.

Jeena said...

Hi there you have a great blog,lovely recipes. Feel free to visit my blog too :)

Jeena xx

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds very nice and hearty, Sylvia! Nicely decorated table as well.

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