5 Sep 2007

Apricot and orange Muffins

My husband is crazy about muffins, or magdalenas the ordinary name used here. I am not pretty sure if e magdalenas are more similar to the cupcakes than muffins, but he doesn't worry about the technique, he loves muffins independent of the name they take in any place. At the moment he is working and made a advanced short course for improvement and he arrived home late, and I find that have dinner very late is not a healthy thing. Meanwhile these days we are having dinner very frugally.

As he is tired and without spirit I am preparing a stronger breakfast, with cereals, salad fruit, bread and fresh cheese. But yesterday I woke up earlier and surprised him, I prepared these muffins to accompany our breakfast, it is not necessary comment that besides surprising him He loves to see those small delights in the table, he loves the surprise. The original recipe is with dry damasks, but I didn't have, I substituted it for apricot marmalade, in spite of the improvisation, I had left very well. They are practical and easy to make in less than 40 minutes is clever to serve.

180 G dry (I used 2 spoonfuls of apricot marmalade) damasks

125 ml oranges juice

185 G of wheat flour

195G of whole wheat flour

1 spoonful powdered yeast

1 Egg

165 G of brown sugar

185 G of melted butter

165 G of milk

Powdered cinnamon


Moisten the apricots and to cut in little squares

Whip the egg and mix the marmalade or the apricot squares

Add the milk and the orange juice

In a bowl put the dry ingredients and mix well, make a crown and lay the liquid ingredients and the butter, mix but don't over batten the concoction may be with clots. Put in molds and bake until they are golden


Mallow said...

Those muffins sound fabulous and look delicious!

Sylvia said...

Yes they are great,thanks mallow

Cynthia said...

Your husband is lucky to have such a talented wife who can make the things he loves. :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Those look so wonderful! I love apricot anything, so this certainly fits into that category!

Hillary said...

Wow these do look hearty and great for breakfast! Very delicious combination of fruits - great post.

Rasa Malaysia said...

I can eat your blog with my eyes...especially these apricot and orange muffin...yum yum.