24 Aug 2007

Lazzy Days

Last week we took a small trip for Uruguay, but we had a small problem to solve. We have a dog that we have found for three years ago in the street run over him. We operate him and we gave him a house and a lot of love, in fact it was made want and we reward it to him. We had won one week in a resort and spa, but they didn't accept my pet. Of anything it served to send e mails or to speak telephonically with the manager. Just cancel the invitation, and look for hotels that accepted it. And in that way we leave. Johnny (dog) was the happiest, but soon it became tired and it was sleeping in my feet in the car for the 500km.

We were for the field and in contact with the nature, drinking fresh milk, retired of the cows, without conserving and I made cream combing of the kept cream of the boiled milk. We spent time looking at the fire in a firewood chimney and to rest a lot. Going by small and pleasing towns .We also visits a national park almost to the border with Brazil( Parque deSanta Teresa reserve and national park) with 1050 hectares of extension and an immense variety of flora, one of the biggest Rosedale are there with more than 100 species, unhappily it is winter and they didn't have roses. We saw free ostrich and incredible beaches. For more information clik http://www.parquesantateresa.com.uy/index.htm

The department of Rocha is a natural paradise, in the oceanic of coast of Uruguay. With wonderful beaches, white sand and transparent waters.


The sunset ,view of the boat during the crossing of Rio de La Plata


WokandSpoon said...

Those are really lovely photos! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

david santos said...

Todo bueno.
Post, comida, fotos, texto y todo.
Muchas gracias

Tien un buen fin de semana

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow Sylvia! Sounds like a great trip and so sweet of you to make sure your accomodations accpeted your sweet fluffy friend! I love that!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Mmmm, strawberries! Great photos, looks lovely.

Arfi Binsted said...

Sounds and looks like you had had a great trip! Did you managed to taste something different on your trip this time?