29 Aug 2007

Caramalized onion, spinach and blue cheese Quiche

Yesterday I observed that it dawns earlier and the first buds are appearing in the plants, it would seem that the spring is almost, almost in the air. Thinking on that and in fresh vegetables, that I thought of making a tart with vegetables and I remembered of this tart that toward a lot that I not made. This tart is one of my best recipes of salted pastries, it was retire of Cordon Bleu book, they have a stupendous mixture of flavors. And it is perfect for a brunch or a hot first plate

For the crust

200G of flour

1 coffee spoon salt

100 G cold butter

1 Egg lightly beating

1 Tablespoon cold water

Mix with the thumbs the flour with salt and the butter until it resembles each other to grated fine bread. Make a crown and in the center put the water and the egg until obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Cover with a paper film and take to the refrigerator during at least 20 minutes. Stretch out and put in anointed pan of 24 cm for 3,5 cm. And take another time to the refrigerator

For the filler

2 Tablespoons of oil vegetable

500G onion cute in fine rings

1 Tablespoon of dessert of sugar

100 Ml red wine or Port wine, as suggested yesterday, speaking with Daniel

50 G of butter

250 G of frozen or fresh cooked spinach

A tiny piece of nutmeg

200Grs of blue strong cheese, roquefort, stilton or Gorgonzola

200ml butter cream

4 Beaten eggs

Fry the onion in the oil during approximately eight minutes until this transparent one. Increases the heat and put the sugar allow to caramel for more 5 minutes and adds the wine and allow to boil until evaporate. Reserve.

In a saucepan heat the butter cream, don't boil, I used 0% fat. Put the cheese cut in squares to melt. After melting, wait to cool and to increase the eggs. Mix well

Put 50 g in butter in a fry pan and fry the spinach, season with salt and nutmeg. Wait until cold

Mix the spinaches with the mixture of heavy cream and cheese and if it is necessary correct the salt

Fill putting the onions and at once up the cream mixture of spinaches, heavy cream and cheese. Bake until be golden

I hope you enjoy.


Kelly Mahoney said...

They look delicious! These would be great for any meal or snack, I would imagine. And they're so cute, too.

Paola said...


Que delicia! Beautiful dish!


Barbara said...

Lovely quiche with suburb combo of flavours. I love your meez avatar. I might try adding mine to my sidebar too.

WokandSpoon said...

Wow - these look so perfect! Did you bake the pastry first before pouring in the egg mixture?

Sylvia said...

Thanks Kelly is truly delicious you must try.

Paola ,Thanks

Barbara You right,is a very flavor quiche,and I love the combine sweet whit blue cheese.Yes,I love the avatar too,my niece gave it to me.

Wok and spoon. No I didn't bake the crust previously ,but it work.Just all ingredients are cold.

Marcinha said...

Slyvinha linda! Amei! Quero essa quiche quando for ai...

Beijos friorentos do Brasil


Isha said...

looks so delicious!

Sylvia said...

Marcinha,obrigada pela visitinha e pelo comentario

Isha,thanks and is truly delicious,you must try

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia! Would you like to become my personal chef? ;)
I love this tart recipe! Every single recipe you post, I would totally eat and love!

Sylvia said...

Of course I can if you pay me :D
Jenn you are so sweetie and I love your recipe too and the way you post your entries