18 Jul 2007

Puff pastry little cakes with cream cheese and cherry tomatoes

Finally, after a frustrated intent I could make the puff-pastries. I still think that I can make it better, but I think that it is a question of practices The best in this experience it was, that mean while the puff-pastry was baked, my kitchen was impregnated it from butter scent I made this small fineness for my husband. I promise that in few days I will post the complete recipe of my croissant and frustrated adventure.

Cut squares of puff-pastry of a cm. of height

Cherries tomatoes

Chopped basil

Sweet red pepper in very fine slices

Cream cheese


Kelly Mahoney said...

Oh yum! Another beautiful dish, it's almost a shame to eat something so pretty.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Simple, delicious and beautiful! I have learned to expect nothing less from your posts! Beautiful job!

ramya said...

Hi these puff pastries r looking so delicious.do u have arecipie of puff pastries from scratch.

Sylvia said...

Ramya ,I had one,but I didn't test,but the directions are very well explained,here is the link

Cynthia said...

Sylvia I cannot stop telling you what a talented and creative cook you are. Also, your food styling/presentations in your photographs are amazing but then again, you are in the advertising business so you know how to do these things well :)

Christmas Bellini Valli said...

This not only tastes excellent, but, it looks good too! So simple and so satisfying in many ways.