23 Jul 2007

For rainy Days

This weekend was cold and cloudy. We decide to go for a walk in Recoleta, Buenos Aires neighborhood, we went to Buenos Aires Design, a mall of homestores, design furniture, beautiful kitchens and kitchenware. In the inferior part, this called Terrazas, where is the restaurants and the wine bars, after taking a look we decides in favor to eating lunch in Prima Fila. An Italian restaurant, I requested a Risotto di Gamberi: shrimp risotto, squids and fresh tomatoes, the rice was Italian and al dente. Delicious. For dessert we divide a Brule of orange/ coconut with red fruits relented in warm kirsch. In the exit they offered us generously a glass of sparkling wine ( Argentine Chandon brut ) and a limoncello for my husband.Very gently

On Sunday the day continued like as Saturday, cloudy and rainy, how we thought of seeing a movie at home, I decided to leave the traditional popcorns and make these fried pastries, that the recipe is in my family always. They are retinues and flavorful.


1/2 kg flour

1 spoonful baking soda

5 Tablespoons sugar

3 Large Eggs

4 Tablespoons oil

4 Tablespoons vinegar

Mix all the ingredients to make wound tapes and to cut small squares, to be fried in hot oil. Sprinkle with confectionery's sugar


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Those pastries look delicious! I cannot think of a better thing than sitting home watching a movie on a rainy day with a nice little snack and your sweetie to cuddle.

Kelly Mahoney said...

They look so light, but I'm sure they're quite hardy.

AF said...

Não nos conhecemos, mas tenho acompanhado seu blog há tempos. Adoro.....
Estou indo prá Buenos Aires em setembro e gostaria de umas dicas de quem mora aí. Coisa simples, não vai te ocupar muito tempo.
Se quiser, me manda um e.mail: dales1610@yahoo.com.br

Sylvia said...

Yes Jenn,is the better thing for those days.

Yes Kelly they are hard in the surface but soft in the middle.

Obrigada af

Patricia Scarpin said...

It's been so rainy here lately, Sylvia, and kind of cold, too - these would be perfect right now with my cup of tea!

Sylvia said...

Patricia, surely yes

Oh for the love of food! said...

Sylvia, we are having similar weather here in Perth, could you please make me a batch of your fried cakes? They look so golden and yummy!