4 Jul 2007

A Day in Buenos Aires..........

El Ateneo

This week my mother is visiting me, unhappily for hardly one week .This time I takes her to a place that had not been on the other times One of those places it was the bookstore El Ateneo located in Avenue Santa Fe and Callao. I love libraries, bookstore and tune, but it is not necessary to be a fan as not being impressed front this fabulous construction where previously the old theater Grand Splendid works. Built in 1919 by Max Glücksmann, later it was transformed in a cinema and today in bookstore. In the upper floors the radio Splendid it worked as well as a producer discography with the same name, was in that place that Carlos Gardel burdened its his first disk. The bookstore impresses for the quantity of titles and for the salespersons so well informed and owners of an unique sympathy. In the Plato, a small coffee works, it is worth to stand out the quality of its chocolate cakes. In of , some treasures gastronomists I found like Larousse Gastronomique, the edition translated French , with 1232 pages and 3000 recipes, and 400 signed by Alain Dacause, Pierre Hermé, Joël Rebuchon,etc and Spaniards as Ferran Adriá, Sergi Arola and others.

In the afternoon we were in Madero West crossing the woman's bridge. The neighborhood of Port Madero its name to trading Eduardo Madero that raised the project. After the port was disabled it was abandoned for a lot of time. Until in the years 90 were reactivated, today many restaurants exist there. Crossing

the river Madero west where many residential buildings have been built. We stopped in I fresh market one of my favorite locals, because it possesses Inés's Berton magnificent teas, a very good rotisserie with delivery (pretty good :)... and several and pretty kitchen utensils. To the exit it was already the beautiful one to grow dark that I share with all you the beautiful sunset.

Sunset in Puerto Madero and the Woman's Bridge

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tara bethune-leamen said...

what an incredible bookstore.

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey Sylvia, I love your photos. The bookstore looks like a Grand Roman Coliseum, very fitting for the theatre it used to be, and the kichenware shop is lovely and quaint ! Have a good time with your mom!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like you and your mom had a wonderful day! What an amazing bookstore! I would love to see it someday!

Cynthia said...

I... I... I... would give anything to visit that bookstore. I am a book store junkie.

Anonymous said...

Exatamente o que tu disseste! E enquanto não aparecer esse alguém, não vou deixar de viver minha vida!

Sylvia said...

Tara,yes ,is an amazing bookstore.

Carol.Thanks , I will.

Jenn,if you one day came here I apreciate show this and others beautiful places here in Buenos Aires for you.

Cyntia. I 'm a booke store junkie too. Two things in comon food and books,nice.

Pamela said...

My favorite bookstore!! You managed to make me feel "homesick" for my beloved B.A.

¿Is it OK with u if I link u?

besos desde la otra orilla

Sylvia said...

Gracias Pamela seria un honor estar likada a tu blog.
Besos de este lado del rio.