20 May 2007


Malbec gets all the play here.It's in press, local and internacional.Argentina is know for it. Yet until very recently, the most planted red grape-and stillcoming in very close second-was Bonarda. This grape has origins in Piedmont and Lombardia in Italy, with a few different strainbeign grown, and there´s some debats over wich particular variety of the grape has found its way to this land of grapezing beef. It also never got famous because until quite recently was used by most winemakers as a workhorse blending grape-something to add some color or body to others reds, like the lighter malbecs, or as part of bulk wines - you know , just plain red. But is a successful wine in the north of Italy, so why not here? A few bold souls on the domestic wine scene decided to experiment and descovered that they coul make some excellent wines- bold ,rich, spicy, and dark color. Now there are so many to choose from that it becomes like trying to select a favorit Malbec, but, a couple that stand are The Sur the los Andes Bonarda and Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda. The former is somewhat more medium bodied style- delicius , whith flavors of red plums , maraschino cherries , white chocolate and juicy acidity, and nice long finish.and in a restaurant will probaly set you back than about 30, 40 pesos. The latter, a bold, jammy style with red plums and wildflowers, very smooth and sensual, that will run you more in the 60 to 70 pesos range

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